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Has this already been mocked

(143 Posts)
Notmyrealname85 Sat 10-Mar-18 18:49:40

What is this?!? Who is this for??

Powerpuffwoman Sat 10-Mar-18 18:51:43

Good god that is one ugly dress.

IlPorcupinoNilSodomyEst Sat 10-Mar-18 18:52:06

Accotding to a review, its cutting edge!

MidnightVelvetthe7th Sat 10-Mar-18 18:53:06

Elasticated sleeves & brown velvet. It might have been cutting edge for 1965....

Alabama3 Sat 10-Mar-18 18:53:06

trying a click link

Frequency Sat 10-Mar-18 18:53:13

Is it a medieval peasant costume for very rich people who don't mind spending £89 on their Christmas Nativity outfit?

Stormwhale Sat 10-Mar-18 18:54:16

Whenever I see these things I think, oh it can't be that bad!

That is. It is very very bad. So bad I think I might have to poke my own eyes out.

Notmyrealname85 Sat 10-Mar-18 18:54:25

I think it’s an M&S attempt at bankruptcy

Worse than the pink dress with sleeves?!

IntelligentYetIndecisive Sat 10-Mar-18 18:54:41

Notmyrealname85 Sat 10-Mar-18 18:55:18

And £89!!!!

Notmyrealname85 Sat 10-Mar-18 18:55:45

You couldn’t even wear it to a bad taste party, it’d be an unfair advantage

DextroDependant Sat 10-Mar-18 18:56:02

confused what on earth! Someone was paid to design that grin

Wakeuptortoise Sat 10-Mar-18 18:56:45

My eyes! confused

heateallthebuns Sat 10-Mar-18 18:57:23

Haha! I thought it wasn't going to be that bad either, but wtaf it's hideous.

Notmyrealname85 Sat 10-Mar-18 18:58:01

I really really want M&S’s PR team getting this dress in mags and telling us how to style it...

I want one brave soul to show us how it could look good!!!

SoFancy Sat 10-Mar-18 18:59:04

Good grief!

SwimmingInTheBlueLagoon Sat 10-Mar-18 19:10:36

Is it a medieval peasant costume for very rich people who don't mind spending £89 on their Christmas Nativity outfit?

Yep and who want their peasant character to stand out a bit more than the other peasants who will be in far less grotesque rags.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Sat 10-Mar-18 19:11:08

So bad that they couldn't make it look less bad on a model, and took it on its own instead...

LadyGAgain Sat 10-Mar-18 19:12:48

HAHAHAHA! I sent this same link to my best friends this week with a very similar mantra. Man that is one UGGGGLLLLLY rag. Who on earth would buy that? 😂

PurpleDaisies Sat 10-Mar-18 19:16:01

Gosh that’s bad.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 10-Mar-18 19:23:35

Eeek that needs a Warning in the title

At least it's dry clean so you could 'accidently' pop it in the machine and kill it with Ariel

WillowySnicket Sat 10-Mar-18 19:28:57

I love the "customers who viewed this also viewed these" pictures! 😱👌🏻 and it got 3 quite high reviews?!

MamehaSan Sat 10-Mar-18 19:35:39

Dear God. Wtf were they thinking??? confused

This is going to be the new Pink Dress, isn't it? Raved about in the press, ridiculed by the public, and left languishing on the sale rail at the end of the season.

RamsayBoltonsConscience Sat 10-Mar-18 19:35:40

That is FUGLY! Who the hell designed that monstrosity?

YourVagesty Sat 10-Mar-18 19:48:59

<vomits into hand>

<starts crying>

Thanks OP

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