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Whatever happened to waists?

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Billydessert Wed 07-Mar-18 09:44:01

Is anyone else fed up of all the waistless clothes out there? It seems that fashion is stuck in a boxy, baggy time warp and showing no signs of coming out of it soon. I am pear shaped (of course!) and I seem to spend my life pulling up jeans that are virtually the same width at the hips as they are on the waist; and trying to avoid square shaped tops that make me look like a sack of spuds. And don't get me started on all those bloomin boyfriend coats out there. If I want man shaped clothes I'll go to a mens wear shop!
Is it too much to ask for clothes that are shaped to fit the female form?
Phew! Glad I've got that off my (prominent/booby/woman's) chest.

Anyone have any brand suggestions?

NewYearNiki Wed 07-Mar-18 09:47:09

Gap curvy skinny jeans are good. Designed for pear shaped and wider through the thighs and bum.

Will have a think about some more. I have wide hips and a narrow waist too

staydazzling Wed 07-Mar-18 09:49:37

i agree i remeber fondly waist belts and waisted tops much more flattering.

Billydessert Wed 07-Mar-18 10:16:32

Ah thanks New, I will have a look at the gap jeans. Haven't shopped there for years

Qvar Wed 07-Mar-18 10:19:36

The impression I get from fashion is that it's now supposed to droponto you like a thick sheet, and then just fall straight from bony shoulders to skinny ankles, with not so muc as a bump along the way

Billydessert Wed 07-Mar-18 10:20:37

Staydazzling, if only the shops would have a just a little section for us! I feel hopeless when I shop, I'm too curvy for the boxy stuff but also definitely too curvy for the bodycon stuff! I guess it's tailoring I'm really after but that word seems to have fallen off a cliff..

snawdays Wed 07-Mar-18 10:23:39

I hear you - white company, Toast,
Hush, all raved about but the unstructured shapeless dresses make me look utterly dowdy.

As a look I think it only works on very slim people who accessorise the hell out of it.

Billydessert Wed 07-Mar-18 10:23:45

That's very true Qvar. It's fine if your a size 8 with an athletic figure as the clothes will hang on your bone structure. Any bigger or less toned and clothes will hang from your flesh which IMO requires a whole different mind set from the designer. Hurumph

Billydessert Wed 07-Mar-18 10:24:22

You're ^

KatnissK Wed 07-Mar-18 10:24:30

I agree! I am a curvy 14 after having my baby and for the first time in my life I actually have boobs - I was excited about this at first but nothing looks good!! I end up in big shapeless tops that don't pull across the bust but then totally disguise my still fairly neat waist. So I just end up looking huge. I'm in a red top today and feel like a brick wall. I have been looking at the Bravissimo range of clothes which I think would be quite flattering but unfortunately are too pricey for me at the moment while I'm on maternity leave.

peonylover22 Wed 07-Mar-18 10:27:51

Following. I am pear shaped too and need things to nip in at the waist or I look giant all over

SomeKnobend Wed 07-Mar-18 10:29:15

If anyone knows what happened to mine, do let me know. Last seen late 2015, probably near a McDonald's.

Qvar Wed 07-Mar-18 10:30:24

Pepperberry look beautiful on post natal bangers

peonylover22 Wed 07-Mar-18 10:33:15

And I was just inspired by this thread to look at Gap Curve Jeans. The only style they do is skinny and there are no sizes in a tall 12 or 14 in any colour apart from white 😳

NancyDonahue Wed 07-Mar-18 10:34:44

My only decent feature is my waist. If I don't wear fitted clothes I look enormous. If I wear straight dark jeans/trousers and fitted tops/jumpers I look almost slim!

Sainsbury's is usually pretty good for jeans and I like Oodji jumpers- I get them from Amazon.

MaureenNervosa Wed 07-Mar-18 10:43:00

I tried on some sleeveless shirts yesterday in the hope that we will get a summer. They all hung straight down from my boobs and looked so unflattering.
I am a pear(ish) shaped size 8-10, and have never been able to pull off a boxy baggy look. Will be sticking with last year’s summer clothes. Thanks, retailers.

rightknockered Wed 07-Mar-18 12:00:36

Also with you, just so sick of trying stuff on and it all looks like different coloured tents. Even t-shirts are sold as over sized, I have enough t-shirts that have become misshaped via washing left over from last summer. I have bought two tube skirts from Whistles, although they haven't been delivered yet so unsure of the fabric. I may buy a Rixo dress, if I can wear it without looking as though I've just been to a wedding. All I want is a bright coloured summer dress that doesn't look like a sack/triangle/rectangle/bedsheet.

rightknockered Wed 07-Mar-18 12:01:44

And I'm a size 6 and in my 40's. Think this is a look only for the young.

CointreauVersial Wed 07-Mar-18 12:21:57

Well, I have no waist; I'm like a wardrobe, so anything that "suggests" a waistline, rather than highlights my lack of one is fine by me!

The "half-tuck" is quite useful for a baggy top.

Onynx Wed 07-Mar-18 12:45:28

Try Joe Brown's for dresses- I'm pear shaped too & these do have waists:-) I also hate the short boxy look- it does absolutely nothing for me. Ditto these very high necked lace tops & the ones with frills everywhere- just why??hmm

sportyfool Wed 07-Mar-18 13:10:39

I'm hours glass and I've noticed this years fashion is wrap tops with waists which are super flattering . I'm actually excited about summer because of it !!

gastropod Wed 07-Mar-18 13:14:03

I hear you!

And I'll add to that the pathetic addition of a "belt" to many badly cut boxy sack dresses.

Do they really think that by adding two belt loops and a strip of fabric, the shapeless horror is suddenly going to appear fitted or flattering?

VickieCherry Wed 07-Mar-18 13:19:47

I noticed a few v neck, waisted tops in Oasis the other day - didn't have time to stop, but it gave me hope!

Otherwise, yes - I'm a booby size 18 and need a waist to avoid looking the same size as my boobs all the way down (38GG, so quite substantial!). Can't wear anything with a high neck or frills around the bust/shoulders. I basically haven't bought new clothes in about two years.

margaritasbythesea Wed 07-Mar-18 13:31:10

Gastropod - you are spot on there! A belt on a sack is just a belted sack.

Wallis often have waists, although the fabrics are not nice. I recently bought this black dress which I like (apart from the fake pearl buttons on the sleeves which I took off)

Tanaqui Wed 07-Mar-18 13:46:32

And does anyone else find that when dresses are waisted, said waist is about 3 inches too high? Which is uncomfortable and looks ridiculous! Waists are not right below boobs (and I do mean waisted dresses, not empire line which is meant to be high!).

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