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What do you think of this dress?

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dreamingoficecream Sat 24-Feb-18 20:19:04

I've got a couple of smart London restaurant events.
5'10 size 14 with a thick middle aged tyre, 50.

Not looking to be cutting edged but not Country Bumpkin which I am

peachypetite Sat 24-Feb-18 20:20:50

Sounds like it fits the bill!

KingIrving Sat 24-Feb-18 20:25:08

I like it with the red accessories (but NOT the shoes the model has on!!) . Red shoes, red bag, red necklace a if you dare matching red nail vanish. See which combination of these works for you but don't do them all.

Masonbee Sat 24-Feb-18 20:25:53

I love it!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 24-Feb-18 20:27:09

I think it looks a bit droopy and potentially unflattering. Definitely think you could get something nicer for that price.

ReggaetonLente Sat 24-Feb-18 20:28:38

It’ll look lovely OP. Especially with your height.

TheMasterNotMargarita Sat 24-Feb-18 20:31:36

I like it.
However, I have bought a couple of striped dresses and once on I think they look a bit witchy and abandoned them.

dreamingoficecream Sat 24-Feb-18 20:32:34

Thanks for the comments. I'm worried about the droopy comments.
Trouble is I'm very conscious of my middle and thought it might skim.
Will definitely wear support underwear.

EffingJeffer Sat 24-Feb-18 20:36:13

I think it's lovely. The models flat shoes are hideous with it, but I think with a small/mid heel it would look lovely. Especially in red, with some vibrant statement accessories

Crashbangwhatausername Sat 24-Feb-18 20:44:06

I hate to put you off but I'm fairly sure that model probably has an amazing figure and I'm not convinced it's flattering her especially around the bust/waist. I'd also worry about the length. Having said that it is very difficult to tell as actually more shape can make dresses look much better, order it and send back if not right?

dreamingoficecream Sat 24-Feb-18 21:01:49

I think the length will be ok, so many dresses are knee length but are actually about 3" above my knees which looks awful on me.
I don't have much bust, or much waist.

What do people my age wear to fancy pants restaurants? I've got the ubiquitous navy or black lace but I thought they'd be too eveningy.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 24-Feb-18 21:03:15

Skinny trousers and a silk shirt?

jemmstar1980 Sat 24-Feb-18 21:08:14

Are they work events or social events - lunch or dinner? I don’t think the dress would be that flattering on tbh.

Pittcuecothecookbook Sat 24-Feb-18 21:11:26

Agree with crash. Does nothing for the model who will have an amazing model figure. If you can return easily enough. I saw some lovely dresses on not on the highstreet randomly today that were lovely and similarly priced

dreamingoficecream Sat 24-Feb-18 21:11:47

Ones a works private dining thing, the other is a group of 6 for a 50th birthday.

SinglePringle Sat 24-Feb-18 21:12:41

Sweet Jesus, but a 6ft Size 4 model would shy away from those stripes. They suit NO-ONE as they will undulate over a the skinniest of ribs. Serious, it’s make Kate Moss look like a Hippi. Plus it’s a wrap dress - renowned for sitting in every roll a woman possesses.

SinglePringle Sat 24-Feb-18 21:13:44

Apologies for previous typos...

jemmstar1980 Sat 24-Feb-18 21:14:32

I second the skinny trousers and silk shirt look, if it is evening event you could do a cigarette jacquard type of trouser.

MyBrilliantDisguise Sat 24-Feb-18 21:14:51

What about this Pepperberry wrap dress?

dreamingoficecream Sat 24-Feb-18 21:15:52

grin I hear you.
Forget about frocks and just do my Boden Richmonds and a silky top?

jemmstar1980 Sat 24-Feb-18 21:18:32

Work do I think I structured dress would be nice, and friends 50th do the silk shirt and trousers. If your friends is an evening you could get a snazzy evening blazer.

Pittcuecothecookbook Sat 24-Feb-18 21:18:44


princesssparkle1 Sat 24-Feb-18 21:18:54

I like the pepperberry

MyBrilliantDisguise Sat 24-Feb-18 21:21:05

Pepperberry dresses are SO flattering.

SadSongsAndWaltzes Sat 24-Feb-18 21:22:08

I'm sorry op, I'm not that keen. I've been eyeing this one up for a while, it's similar-ish. Would it fit the bill instead?

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