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Hot cloth cleanser cloths

(30 Posts)
goose1964 Fri 23-Feb-18 16:44:14

I've used a couple of brands but always get the same problem,the cloth goes yellow. After using I rinse out an put over the tap to dry. It's one of the ones like a big r so there's plenty of air reaching it . What am I doing wrong?

LanguidLobster Fri 23-Feb-18 16:50:13

Do you put it through the washing machine on a hot wash frequently?

I tend to boil the kettle then leave the cloth to soak in the sink for a while with the boiled water.

I love oil cleansing but yes the cloths are a pain!

Nicpem1982 Fri 23-Feb-18 16:50:38

I use the superdrug vitamin e or radiance hot cloth cleanser and neither of the cloths have gone yellow I just rinse them well and pop over the shower screen to dry.

I've also washed mine in the washing machine when they get a bit tired

Housewife2010 Fri 23-Feb-18 17:02:49

None of mine have gone yellow. I use a fresh one every time. I leave the damp one to dry on the radiator before putting it in the laundry basket.

WrenDouglas Fri 23-Feb-18 17:08:48

I gave up with the muslin type cloths that come with them & now use flannels instead - seems to get my skin cleaner and they are much cheaper to replace (I get the 3 packs from Primark, I think they are £1 or £1.50).
Also my OH doesn’t keep stealing the flannels to use as glasses cleaners!

endofacentury Fri 23-Feb-18 17:09:41

I've got loads of these cloths now as have been using Liz Earle for a couple of years, I use a fresh one every time and they have never gone yellow. Just pop them in the wash

Gazelda Fri 23-Feb-18 17:12:07

I've got a stock of them from having used Liz Earle for years. I use a fresh one every day and them put them in my whites wash every week.

MichaelBendfaster Fri 23-Feb-18 17:16:24

I just use cheap cotton face cloths from Savers, in deep colours so I don't have to worry about discolouration.

I put them in a hot wash with towels and bedding.

littlewoollypervert Fri 23-Feb-18 17:20:11

I threw out the muslins - they washed OK but seemed to be very thin.

I use microfiber cloths (the cheapo packs from Lidl!)

The grey ones are used as kitchen cloths and the bright orange, pink and green ones are set aside for facial cleansing only.

As they are quite thick I use one side one night, and dry over the radiator, then I use the other side, then I chuck them in the wash.

tryingtobethebestican Fri 23-Feb-18 17:33:57

Same as pp mine have never gone yellow. I rinse them well after each use and dry on heated towel rail and then wash in the wm about every three days or so.

toomanyweeds Fri 23-Feb-18 17:33:59

I use them a couple of times and then put them in the washing machine. Use both muslin and traditional towelling flannels. Never had one turn yellow.

Doobigetta Fri 23-Feb-18 17:45:12

I buy muslin cloths from Amazon and put them in the wash after two uses. Never had them go yellow on me.

chocolateiamydrug Fri 23-Feb-18 17:49:50

I use muslin clothes (Tesco) too and chuck them into the wash after every use. Never go yellow.

PollyPerky Fri 23-Feb-18 18:03:28

Mine don't go yellow but they do hang on to foundation stains even when hot-rinsed in the sink.

I only use them once or twice before using a 60C wash in the w ashing machine.

I found that I was getting a few spots on my chin otherwise- rinsing doesn't really clean them and I think there is the risk of putting back the grime you have tried to remove. ideally it's one single use, then hot machine wash.

MountainDweller Fri 23-Feb-18 18:12:13

I use nice thick flannels and wash after every use. If you get dark coloured ones the marks won't show! Usually wash with everything else at 40 degrees, occasionally at 60 with towels.

chocolatespiders Fri 23-Feb-18 18:15:56

I use flannels now 35p from wilKo. Or 7 pack from ikea. I much prefer them to the thin cloths

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 23-Feb-18 18:20:44

Face cloths are all you need, I use a fresh one twice a day.

Beauty therapists always use a flannel mitt or a cloth during facials.

SporkInTheToaster Fri 23-Feb-18 18:25:09

I like Pai muslins. Nice and thick, wash well and last ages. I’ve had most of mine for years. The freebie ones you get with cleansing balms/creams (such as the Liz Earle or the one from Neal’s Yard) are rubbish, ime. Thin and flimsy.

falang Fri 23-Feb-18 18:25:26

Mine just go disgusting because I use Estée Lauder double wear and it's impossible to get out without bleaching it.

SporkInTheToaster Fri 23-Feb-18 18:26:29

Mine never yellow - I change daily & wash with other whites (powder & napisan, no softener).

LadyLapsang Fri 23-Feb-18 18:39:11

I just use nice thick white cotton flannels, a fresh one every time (two per day) and wash with whites after every use.

saveyourkissesforme Sat 24-Feb-18 00:18:52

In the end they discolour and get to the point where they don't get clean. I buy in batches from Amazon every now and then. Much cheaper to buy from there.

JustGettingStarted Sat 24-Feb-18 00:29:31

I remove my makeup with the fluffy microfiber makeup removing cloths from Primark. They always rinse clean after running with a bit of hand soap and I throw them in the wash weekly.

Then I use the Superdrug Vitamin E cleanser with various muslins I've bought in multi packs. No makeup comes off on them as its been removed so they don't get discoloured.

thedevilinablackdress Sat 24-Feb-18 09:12:49

As PP have said, this is why I use dark coloured flannels 😁

TheBlob Sat 24-Feb-18 10:47:29

I also use the cheap white flannels from Wilko, about 30p each, I have loads as I use a clean one every day and then put it in the wash, I take a load on holiday with me too!

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