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Trousers for skinny legs but big thighs??

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Lovemusic33 Thu 22-Feb-18 17:25:17

So I. Struggling to get into skinny jeans, I am a size 10 but have to buy a 12 in skinny’s as I have skinny legs but big thighs (not huge but compared to the rest of my legs they are large), I am short 5,2” and usually buy jeans from Next but since working out more I feel uncomfortable in jeans so at the moment I live in mainly gym clothes or pj’s. Most trousers look silly on me as they tend to make my bum look wide and make my legs look skinny at the bottom as most are slim fitting at the bottom. Can anyone recomend some nice fitting casual trousers that are comfortable?

Also having the same problems with tops as my arms are similar to my legs (tops of my arms are big in comparison to bellow the elbow, I have tiny wrists but big biceps) so I struggle with long sleeved tops and often wear vest tops but would love to cover my arms more.

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