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What to do with legs at work!

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GetTaeBed Thu 22-Feb-18 13:08:43

I'm a skirt and dress wearer at work - currently in 60 denier tights but it is feeling weird on sunny days. It is too cold for bare legs. I never know if natural tights are a no no. What is everyone else doing with their legs atm?

FlyMaybe Thu 22-Feb-18 13:12:04

My legs look like corned beef unless I'm tanned. So I don't care if sheer tights are 'in' or 'out'. If it's cold and I want a natural leg look, I'm wearing them. It's worth spending a bit extra to get nicer ones though, and they don't usually last more than one wear...

MrsPussinBoots Thu 22-Feb-18 13:17:14

I'm wearing natural tights today. Didn't realise this was a thing.

LaCerbiatta Thu 22-Feb-18 13:24:15

Feeling sunny for tights??? It's 5C outside!

SoFancy Thu 22-Feb-18 18:51:12

It was bitterly cold in London today. I was in 100 denier tights grin.

But to answer your question, I think natural tights can be ok if they are genuinely ‘natural’ in colour against your skin, decent quality and not shiny.

Pumpkinisland89 Thu 22-Feb-18 19:22:15

Another nude tights fan. Well fan is the wrong word but I wear them and don't care.

The issue I have is finding nice ones that don't cost loads because they rarely last more than one wear. Sometimes not even that!

BobbinThreadbare123 Thu 22-Feb-18 19:23:50

200 denier tights all the way until late May, then back in them in August. But I'm in Cumbria and it's been 0°C today.

thedevilinablackdress Thu 22-Feb-18 19:31:17

Yep, 60+ from Sept to June here. In the 'summer' wear trousers more. Possibly a bare shin in a heatwave.

GetTaeBed Thu 22-Feb-18 19:43:24

I'm in Scotland! It is still cold here too but has also been gloriously sunny and can be quite "warm" in the sun- well warm for a scot!
I do fake tan and bare in the summer but struggle with the in between. I seem to remember primark natural tights are okay - only ever last a day for me too so it is so expensive.

Amrapaali Thu 22-Feb-18 19:48:26

If you work in an office, and commute isnt too bad you should be pretty warm throughout the day anyway. Go bare legged with a bit of fake tan. A Midi skirt is your friend here.

cedoren Thu 22-Feb-18 19:50:34

Bare legs look unprofessional in an office. Natural tights from

ChishandFips33 Thu 22-Feb-18 19:56:15

Thermal tights here still!

Tights issues are puzzling for me ...I'll happily wear trousers/jeggings/skinny jeans in the cooler summer days but would feel weird wear thick tights....why is this?

GetTaeBed Thu 22-Feb-18 20:35:24

I don't think the unprofessional thing really holds true anymore. I think things have really changed the last few years and natural tights are being seen as old fashioned....

IWillSurviveHeyHey Fri 23-Feb-18 06:36:31

In my opinion, for natural tights to look like you're not wearing tights, they need to be no more than 7 denier. I have recently started wearing these:

I am very pleased with them. I have always worn M&S tights but the shades haven't been quite right and they always split at the crotch.

So anyway, I am very impressed with the look and durability of the JL ones. Admittedly, I always wear knee boots with skirts and dresses, so very little of my leg is exposed...

I use the natural tan shade which is like my legs but better.

LouiseCollins28 Fri 23-Feb-18 12:52:18

Ooh yes the barely there tights are fabulous if you don't want to go bare. JL do some nice ones as noted by previous poster, as do Pretty Polly. Ideal for warmer weather but maybe not so great in February when its frosty? Depends on tolerance for cold and the rest of your outfit I guess. I like them in a nude shade, but that's just all about skin tone and I don't tan well at all.

theunsure Fri 23-Feb-18 13:00:56

I do 60-80 denier opaques late September-May regardless of how sunny it is!

Once the warm weather comes then I switch to either long skirts/dresses and go bare legged - or switch to cropped tailored trousers. I wear quite short dresses with opaques but wouldn't wear anything that short with bare legs as I think it is inappropriate for work. Below knee is ok bare legged I think, as long as well maintained (and mine aren't). My legs are covered in bruises and so white as I spend all my free time in jodhpurs.

I think all nude tights are hideous, I ladder them instantly and I have wasted a small fortune trying them all. Without a doubt they always look naff.

PasDeDeux Fri 23-Feb-18 13:03:20

Im currently wearing 100denier tights and a bodycon dress in my office! In summer I wear natural tights, never bare legs as it feels wrong at work.

LouiseCollins28 Wed 28-Feb-18 16:37:01

Had to switch from black tights to natural shade ones today, got a ladder in the first pair.

Doobigetta Wed 28-Feb-18 20:09:17

It's below freezing and my office is cold- mine have been firmly encased in jeans and boots for weeks.

I think nude tights are absolutely fine when it's warm, but I find them hideously uncomfortable. So as soon as it's too warm for black opaques I start wearing trousers for work. Bare legs I think are only acceptable when it's very warm- at least 25 degrees.

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