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Moncler at Bicester

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Trailedanderror Tue 20-Feb-18 17:35:01

Does anyone know what the discounts are like? I need a light and warm coat. I know I'll decide to hang on for the sales if I wait until Winter 2018 and then it'll be nearly the end of the season...

I reckon I could easily get 6 weeks wear out of one this season still- is it worth going to Bicester for the discounts?

bakingbee Tue 20-Feb-18 17:53:22

Discounts weren't great when I was there but maybe they'll have a few good discounts to make way for current sale stock?

Trailedanderror Tue 20-Feb-18 18:03:28

Thanks @bakinbee
Can you remember whether it was all lime green gilets in weird sizes or might I find something long and dark in a 10?
It's be an express trip, so I need to have an idea before I set off!

RiskIt4Biscuit Tue 20-Feb-18 18:14:27

I'd suggest to call them to ask what they have in stock smile

They will probably have something long and dark in a size 10 but it's likely to still be weird stuff.
I personally have yet to find something I would wear in their outlet store. The discounts aren't amazing IME.

SporkInTheToaster Tue 20-Feb-18 18:16:09

I don't find Bicester is that great for discounts, tbh. It used to be decent but the prices are loopy now. I think the crowds of bussed in foreign tourists from London with very deep pockets have made the retailers greedy, they can charge insane prices for the lime green gilet made 'specially' for the outlet because the crowds will pay it.

Online retailers of high end stuff, like Flannels, Matches and Net a Porter will have better stock at better prices during their sales, ime.

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