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Have we had a “this is why TKMaxx is brilliant” thread recently?

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LaceandChintz Sat 17-Feb-18 18:41:37

If not, I’m starting one.
Today, looking through the fairly depleted clearance rail, my eyes were drawn to a lovely fine knit soft grey jumper. Alas XL and I am a definite small (or poss M for a sloppy-Joe look). But dsil pulled it out, saw it was Pringle, and said no way is that XL, try it on. So I did and it fits like a dream. I think it’s bad labelling are why it was reduced from £195 to £21 shocksmile
I had a great day, 2 pairs of gorgeous tailored work trousers for £16 each and 2 Kew shirts, also for £16.
Oh and a jacket for dh, on the clearance rail for £29 (the benefit of having a skinny husband with long arms or something like that!)

So, what wonderful buys have you had recently?

calzone Sat 17-Feb-18 18:44:46

I was able to buy a pair of cigarette trousers in blue for £10 when there was a fault with the fastening clasp.

Original price £64
TKMaxx price £16
Calzone knock down price £10

FoodGloriousFud Sat 17-Feb-18 20:09:38

5 bottles of my most favourite but discontinued cleanser!

snotato Sat 17-Feb-18 20:12:03

Diesel jeans.
I love diesel jeans,the only brand of jeans that Have a flattering fit on me.
I can actually afford them in tk maxx.yay.

LaceandChintz Sat 17-Feb-18 20:12:06

Brilliant buys both of you!
I bought some Brooks running shoes a while back, just like my old ones (which is probably why they were so cheap as they were an "old" version)

WellThatsATurnipForTheBooks Sat 17-Feb-18 20:20:24

I always go into TKMaxx when in our nearest city but never have any luck.

They all seem to be brands I've never heard of or, if recognisable, the clothing is just fugly

ShiftyMcGifty Sat 17-Feb-18 20:20:44

I love their January clearance, especially online
Silk/cashmere blend blouse £13 from £240
Wool coat £60 from over £800
Children’s Advent calendars for £.50
Dressing up outfits from £15 to £2
Watering cans from £15 to £3
Bird house from £13 to £3

I budget for the January sales now and look for bday/teacher/xmas gifts for the year.

Estellanpip Sat 17-Feb-18 20:33:27

There were a couple of The Kooples leather jackets online for £30 earlier but they quickly sold out. Gutted! Whoever got one is a lucky, lucky lady!

AmazingDetectiveSlashGenius Sat 17-Feb-18 20:42:52

I got a leather bag this week - nothing terribly exciting BUT it is the bag I've been looking for for years, tan brown leather, soft and squooshy, handles that sit comfortably on my shoulder, optional crossbody strap, loads of room without looking huge (Tardis!). It's gorgeous. I just want to sit and hug it.

Also got some peanut butter cup flavoured coffee, feels so wrong but I love it blush

Wh0KnowsWhereTheT1meG0es Sat 17-Feb-18 20:48:42

Ours is a grim and depressing place to shop, I keep looking but never find anything worth buying beyond the odd bar of soap or similar.

JustGettingStarted Sat 17-Feb-18 20:52:45

The ones in city centres are much better than the ones out in less-prosperous towns. I see a huge difference between the one in Manchester city centre and the one in Oldham.

Tryingtogetitright Sat 17-Feb-18 20:53:21

I got a Reiss leather jacket reduced down and down to £34 just before Christmas. I was so excited I started a thread about it!

Also bought some Moschino aviator sunglasses for £7 at the end of last summer. I only popped in to return something else and they were just there waiting for me!

I love TK Maxx it's my favourite place to shop.

OCSockOrphanage Sat 17-Feb-18 21:00:33

Another TK Maxx fan, but you have to see it as a jumble sale. If it's got what you want there and then, you have to buy it, take it home and return it if it's not as great as you hoped. But if you find a favourite cleanser or conditioner, buy it all. I bought a nice sheepskin coat, but too big on me, passed it on to my mum, who wore it a bit but my sister who is just returning from a hot country, loves it and it fits her perfectly.

Toomanycats99 Sat 17-Feb-18 21:04:02


There was a very interesting programme on a couple of years ago about outlet shops.

They established that many of the brands sold by TK Maxx were owned by them and never stocked anywhere else. Which borough Into question the legitimacy of the % off RRP as they had never been sold anywhere at that. They also found many of the brands producing stock specifically for outlet stores - same design but lower quality materials etc to enable it to retail at a lower price. It was very interesting........

AveEldon Sat 17-Feb-18 21:07:39

I'm dubious about the Kew & Crew Clothing stock - they went bust ages ago so surely all stock must be long gone

Ours has occasional good stuff - kids grobags (I think they are made for the outlets), aden & anais, kent hairbrushes, Becksondergaard scarves

Haffiana Sat 17-Feb-18 21:24:22

Yep, many TKMaxx brands exist only in TKMaxx. That said I bought a fantastic Reiss coat there recently.

MinesaPinot Sat 17-Feb-18 23:22:03

AveEldon Kew went bust but Crew Clothing certainly haven't - we've still got a local store which is great.

I love TK Maxx but I do take some of the brands, and the rrp prices with a pinch of salt. However, seek and ye shall find as they say. Some of my purchases have been:

Kipling cross body bag (which was on QVC the same day as I got it)
Converse pumps
Long black leather Clarks boots
7ForAllMankind jacket
Christy towels
And all manner of makeup/beauty finds

A lot of my evening wear has come from there as well. I bought a long black evening dress which was £5 on their sale rail. I wore that to so many events - I had to retire it in the end.

goose1964 Sat 17-Feb-18 23:38:38

I usually buy my Birkenstocks there, they usually have the ghiza or the double strapped ones, the only failure I had was the Madrid which was more a flip flop

teta Sat 17-Feb-18 23:52:49

I order a lot online and have it delivered to my local store so I can try and discard immediately if it’s not suitable.I’ve just ordered American Vintage Trench coats and linen jumpers to try on.I tend to order in loads and keep a fraction of the items. Recent buys have been a Poetry t shirt, a lightweight down jacket with a flattering shape, Duffy cashmere shawl scarves, huge denim blue silk scarf from a Danish brand and niche perfumes.

tigercub50 Sun 18-Feb-18 00:03:00

I always loved TK Maxx clothing etc but only recently discovered how fab their homeware section is! I could spend a fortune! I also love the toiletries & all the gorgeous packaging. Great handbags too. Oh & I love their Christmas decorations. Wonderful snow globes.

N0tfinished Sun 18-Feb-18 00:41:27

Bed Linen and towels, cushions, French hand soap, purses and handbags, merino or cashmere knitwear

Love it!

Butterfly1975 Sun 18-Feb-18 01:03:39

I love TK Maxx too. There's a lot of shite, yes but if you've got time to wade through there are real bargains to be had especially when there's just been a delivery! My recent best finds:

The perfect shopper handbag
SJP Stash for a bargain price
My favourite jumper of the season reduced from over £100 to £20
Some lovely soft Christy bath towels
Jaeger shirts for work
Converse trainers
Vans trainers for DH
Crew breton top (there's definitely a Crew Clothing in my local mall!)
Pineapple gym wear for DD

MassDebate Sun 18-Feb-18 07:15:54

Love TK Maxx although tend to buy online as I don't have the patience to sort through in store. Best recent purchases are a Chinti & Parker cashmere jumper for £69.99 (RRP £285) and an evening dress by a US designer brand for £39.99 (RRP $250). I often buy handwash from there too - have nabbed a few Heyland & Whittle ones before.

Autumnchill Sun 18-Feb-18 07:39:31

Not TKMaxx but House of Fraser! Needed a long gown for an black tie event this coming Friday. First one I picked up, a long champagne Biba gown, reduced from £149 to £34!!!!!! It was a size down for me as well so even better 😀

Pumpkinisland89 Sun 18-Feb-18 08:26:55

With regards to the RRP. That's kind of irrelevent. Either you are happy to pay the price they are asking or not. If you buy it based on how much you suspossedly save from the RRP then that's silly. It's the price they want you to pay now that matters.

I know legally it's a different discussion. But in that respect most shops abuse the RRP/discount eg Sports Direct. There is a clause that in order to sell it reduced it must have been on sale for 30 days full price. All that means is that SD stick it on a top shelf somewgere no one will see it at RRP for a month in one store. Meaningless.

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