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Nearly 40, casual dresser, where to shop?!

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Panickypete Wed 14-Feb-18 09:13:19

Apart from Gap I mean. I don’t spend more than £35 ish on tops. I need some new ones and some new cardigans etc. I tend to be a jeans, stripey top and Stan smiths girl.

Where can I shop?!

Ffsnothingworks Wed 14-Feb-18 09:37:36

Seasalt do Bretons, and often have buy 2 for £29.50 each (one will cost £35.00). They do a wide selection of colours, and they wash really well.

mrslebon Wed 14-Feb-18 10:46:17

Have you tried Uniqlo?

Ofthread Wed 14-Feb-18 13:11:24


imlovingangelsinstead Wed 14-Feb-18 13:59:06

Ive had to stop shopping in gap, the quality these days is appalling :-(

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