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Wedding dress code help

(17 Posts)
puglife15 Tue 13-Feb-18 20:17:36

I've received a wedding invite, the wedding is at a posh but not very formal hotel and dress theme is "elegant".

It's a day and evening do in August so might be hot. What would you wear?!

Could I get away with a jumpsuit?

I don't know the bride that well so don't know what sort of dress she is wearing but I'd describe her style as hip yet elegant.

Baileystruffle Wed 14-Feb-18 18:19:11

I'd wear a floral or coloured/ pastel lacey kneelength dress. With a little shrug just in case its a little chilly. Personally wouldn't go for a jumpsuit.

LTS2018 Wed 14-Feb-18 21:49:52

A jumpsuit can be very elegant but it depends on the jumpsuit.

this is elegant

so's this

this isn't

puglife15 Thu 15-Feb-18 07:59:14

Thanks both. I have a jumpsuit that isn't tailored like first two options but also is nothing like the third... When I wore it my friend said I looked glamorous, but not sure that's the same as elegant. My usual style is jeans, trainers and sweatshirts so not elegant!

I'm not a fan of lace, or very dark colours, as they don't suit me, which is quite limiting.

My alternative is a pale floral silk tea dress from Whistles which is nice but I wouldn't particularly describe as elegant... Are pastels elegant?!

healthyheart Thu 15-Feb-18 08:04:01

Loving that first one LTS but next sell phase eight ....? Confused!

BigGreenOlives Thu 15-Feb-18 08:08:41

I think the first two are wedding suitable but I wouldn’t wear either in August. You’ve got 6 months to find something, I expect there’ll be a lot more choice in March/April/May.

DomesticAnarchist Thu 15-Feb-18 08:12:52

OP, I have the same issues. I have several weddings to go to this year (only a couple overlap with guests) so my current plan is something like this.

Don't go buying my size now, I'm waiting for pay day!

DomesticAnarchist Thu 15-Feb-18 08:14:15

I should say, I've trawled all the jumpsuits in my price range and concluded even the best ones make ones arse look weird.

Other option would be super wide trousers & a top, but I haven't got a practical suggestion for that.

MaisyPops Thu 15-Feb-18 08:14:30

Maybe it's just me but I'd be more hmm that a couple felt it was appropriate to tell guests how to dress for their wedding.

If you have a nice outfit that is wedding appropriate and your friends have said it is lovely then wear that. I wouldn't waste time or money debating if it's more glamourous than elegant.

Spam88 Thu 15-Feb-18 08:16:56

I'd consider normal wedding guests outfits to fall into the category of 'elegant'. I don't think they're asking for anything out of the ordinary, they've just worded it a bit odd, so o wouldn't stress.

BringMeSunshine0 Thu 15-Feb-18 08:23:58

Someone wore a jumpsuit to my July wedding and for some reason I felt a little disappointed that she didn't dress up a bit more and wear a dress? Maybe I was being unreasonable. I got over it pretty quickly!

If your friend is a bit hip or trendy though, you can probably get a feel of what is appropriate or not for her summer wedding smile

I saw this on the Boden website the other day though and thought it looked very smart here

There will be more summery sleeveless dresses out soon though so you have time to find something if you're unsure.

puglife15 Thu 15-Feb-18 11:59:39

Thanks I know I've got ages, just trying not to spend anything on clothes all year so wondering if I can get away with something I already own, if not I need to think of a way to make the extra cash.

PasDeDeux Thu 15-Feb-18 13:52:47

I always feel like these dress codes are steered more at men and children rather than women, ie a strong hint for no trainers. Basically a nice dress or a jumpsuit and you'll be fine, I wouldn't read any more into it!

Baileystruffle Thu 15-Feb-18 16:56:34

A floral pastel tea dress might be just the thing- maybe a picture would help?

thedevilinablackdress Thu 15-Feb-18 17:08:30

I can't imagine feeling disappointed at what someone wore to my wedding! Wear what you feel good in. Not everyone wants to look like an identikit, generic wedding guest.

puglife15 Thu 15-Feb-18 20:08:35

Tea dress is like this:

puglife15 Thu 15-Feb-18 20:12:20

Jumpsuit I'm thinking of is a bit like this, can't find exact one

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