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WatercolourFlower Tue 13-Feb-18 15:53:48

I really like a pair of jeans on their website, however I have never ordered from this company before. What is their sizing like? Does it come up big or small? I usually get jeans from Jack Wills, and their sizing is a bit off as well, so I'm a bit confused as to which size to buy. I usually buy W28 or W29, so I'll go with that at first.
What are their returns like? Ideally I'd like to order a couple of sizes and see, but I've heard bad things about the returns and refund times.
any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

JanetStWalker Tue 13-Feb-18 17:03:10

I tried a couple of pairs of their jeans, nice cuts, not a huge amount of stretch so probably TTS rather than generous.

Returns are free and usually take a week or two, they get sent back to Germany I think to get processed. Keep proof of postage receipt just in case.

WatercolourFlower Tue 13-Feb-18 17:08:09

Thank you for your reply...someone told me they took a month, so two weeks doesn't seem so bad now!

JanetStWalker Tue 13-Feb-18 17:13:42

I think it can take longer during sale time but keep your postal receipt and you'll be fine. They have some lovely stuff though so it's worth it.

WatercolourFlower Tue 13-Feb-18 18:46:22

Okay, I will definitely order them then! Thanks for your replies

Judydreamsofhorses Tue 13-Feb-18 21:41:28

I have quite a lot of things - mainly knitwear, but also some great culottes - and really rate them. I find returns take a while compared to places like ASOS, but not too bad. I had one return go missing a few years ago and (obviously) couldn’t find the receipt but they were very good and refunded me anyway.

EnidButton Tue 13-Feb-18 21:56:22

My local post office refused to accept the returns label they supplied. I tried 3 different branches and they weren't having any of it. Said it needed a barcode to process it. I rang &OtherStories to see if I should've had a different label but no, it was the correct one and the PO should've accepted it but they wouldn't.

Ended up having to pay the postage back to Germany. It's put me off ordering from them again which is a shame as they have things I really like. Feel like it was a post office problem rather than theirs but 3 branches said the same so...

EnidButton Tue 13-Feb-18 21:59:47

By 'they supplied' I mean the one you print off from the website.

Judydreamsofhorses Tue 13-Feb-18 22:02:30

The local PO won’t take the returns here, it has to be a main branch. I have always had a label in the order though, never had to print one myself.

Skibunny1980 Tue 13-Feb-18 22:07:41

There’s now loads of stores if you can get to one then go and try things on. The sizing is a bit on the small side and returns take an age. I do live the clothes.

MaryPoppinsStoleMyHandbag Tue 13-Feb-18 22:07:50

I’ve just had a total faff too with my PO trying to send back a return. I used the label that came with it but as it didn’t have a bar code on it the PO couldn’t scan and process it. They were stumped and told me it would cost £40 for return postage if I wanted to pay for it shock I contacted OS who sent me a label to print off which did have a bar code on it but it’s put me off ordering from them again a little bit. Have kept the receipt just incase!

MaryPoppinsStoleMyHandbag Tue 13-Feb-18 22:08:50

But tk answer your question - I find their clothes a bit on the small side in comparison to other shops.

WatercolourFlower Wed 14-Feb-18 08:55:31

Hmmm their returns sound a bit stressful...I'm fairly close to the Leeds store has anyone been to that particular store, do they have a wide selection? I might phone up and see if they have my item before I go...if not, I hope they can order it in

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