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Do make up setting sprays work...

(10 Posts)
FabalaTheGreenGirl Tue 13-Feb-18 00:54:19

... and can you recommend one? My face skin is apparently so oily that makeup slides right off it after a few hours, regardless of the base and primers I use. I'm getting so frustrated with it and hoping for an easy fix!

AlexanderHamilton Tue 13-Feb-18 00:59:19

Dd uses the urban decay one for under stage lights.

Itsbecauseimaleo Tue 13-Feb-18 01:02:49

Ben Nye do an excellent one. It's blue but don't let that put you off as it sprays clear. It's mainly used by people in theatre and your makeup doesn't budge once you set it. Really recommend it

Itsbecauseimaleo Tue 13-Feb-18 01:03:51

Also lately quite a few people have been setting their makeup with translucent powder before foundation as it helps to control oil apparently

ChesterFuckingDraws Tue 13-Feb-18 01:05:17

I’ve used a few the makeup revolution matte spray and the Rimmel insta ones are good and don’t break the bank.. I don’t have particularly oily skin so I’m not sure how they'd work on your skin type.
A Facebook make up group suggested a light layer of translucent powder before foundation to help oily skin and people raved about it.

FabalaTheGreenGirl Tue 13-Feb-18 01:55:43

I will try the before foundation thing - thanks! Theatre setting spray might be a goer too. My skin is so oily that Urban Decay eye primer melted off after a couple of hours so I heavy duty is what is needed!

Bedsox Tue 13-Feb-18 02:37:10

I use the urban decay primer and setting sprays and their amazing but pretty pricey the revolution ones are very comparable to them and for £5 a pop thats nothing to be sniffed at grin

Bedsox Tue 13-Feb-18 02:38:50

I have very oily combination skin and tnr other weekend i fell asleep after a very rare but heavy night drinking.. forgot to remove make up and it was intact the next morning i could of kept it on and nobody would of known... i didnt of course but i could of.

SuperBeagle Tue 13-Feb-18 02:44:31

I like the Urban Decay All Nighter spray.

I have oily skin and it's summer in Australia, so I'm prone to having makeup slide around my face. I also hate the feeling of lots of product on my face so like to avoid as many powder products as possible. I tend to just use a tiny bit of powder on my forehead to mute shine and a tiny bit on my nose (not on the tip). I use setting spray for the rest of my face, and have nothing bad to say about the UD one. It has done the trick.

SuperBeagle Tue 13-Feb-18 02:45:53

Oh and you can get "sample" size UD ones. Mine lasted a good couple of months. I got it from Sephora, and I think it was around $26AUD. I wouldn't have bought the "regular" bottle without knowing whether or not it was going to work, break me out etc.

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