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2nd Ombre session.....

(2 Posts)
youvegottobekidding Mon 12-Feb-18 14:20:19

So I had my hair done the other week, an ombre effect. My hair was coloured a mid brown, it was lifted to a caramelly/slightly yellowy colour as my hairdresser explained she wouldn't be able to take it to a more blonder shade in one session.

The way she did it was by weaving & backcoming sections/layers. My question is, when I go for my next session to take it lighter (maybe in a couple of months) how can she be precise enough to lighten only the hair that has already been lightened iuswim? Because if she catches the other hair that hasn't already been lightened -that'll just be caramel/yellow. Or I am just overthinking this?!!!

Wetwashing00 Mon 12-Feb-18 16:31:43

Possibly overthinking it, but I’ve thought the same before.
I suppose it’s a skill they learn during training

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