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Tinted moisturisers

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Naicethings Mon 12-Feb-18 09:40:44

Hello. I have sorted out my skin care, thanks to all the wonderful threads and forums, but have never really found the right foundation. I have spent hours looking online and swatching samples on the high street, but not found the "right" product. Requirements:

-Medium coverage
-Glowy but not shiny
-Good range of shades.

I am sorely tempted by the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, but before I take the plunge and blind buy, is there anything comparable on the high street that is more of a tinted moisturiser, BB cream, CC cream etc?

I am currently using Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and despite liking its consistency and shade, it isn't as glowy as I would like.

AnaViaSalamanca Mon 12-Feb-18 12:08:56

Nars is very good, I strongly recommend it. BUT, it really really depends if your skin can match a shade. Try it before taking the plunge.

I actually like vitalumiere aqua too, because it is a bit matte, if you want more glowy but like chanel, why don't you try the other vitaluimiere ones? I had a different one initially (in glass bottle) and it was more shiny than I would have liked so moved to aqua.

ohbitchplease Mon 12-Feb-18 12:24:28

Laura Mercier. It's my holy grail. I've used it for years. Along the way, I've dabbled with other products but I always end up coming back to LM.

violetgrey Mon 12-Feb-18 12:28:41

I second Laura Mercier. I didn't find Nars glowy so I would try before buying.

rightknockered Mon 12-Feb-18 12:29:04

I love Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, if you need more glow you could use a touch of highlighter. Otherwise I agree with pp, I always go back to Laura Mercier.

Naicethings Mon 12-Feb-18 12:41:37

There are a few LM tinteds- do you go with the illuminating one, or the regular?

tulipz Mon 12-Feb-18 14:08:46

I like bare minerals complexion rescue tinted hydrating gel, there's loads of different shades to choose from too

bassackwards Mon 12-Feb-18 14:15:54

Another vote for Laura Mercier. I used to use the oil free formula, but my skin has become a bit drier lately so I moved to the regular formula. Both are brilliant. Haven't tried the illuminating one.

SukiTheDog Mon 12-Feb-18 14:18:26

I have LM Oil Free which is very glory, despite the assumption you might make from the name. You MUST try shades before buying and be cheeky....ask for a small sample. It does tend to oxidise (on me).

I also like the No7 one. Theirs are good, for the price.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Mon 12-Feb-18 14:18:55

No! No, no no!
Not the LM Illuminating one, unless you want to look like a giant orange disco ball.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Mon 12-Feb-18 14:19:17

I use Nars and Chantecaiile.

SukiTheDog Mon 12-Feb-18 14:19:31

I found the illuminating one (LM) kind of see-through (and not in a good way). It just disappeared on me.

SukiTheDog Mon 12-Feb-18 14:20:15

“Very GLOWY” obvs.

Naicethings Mon 12-Feb-18 14:30:53

I definitely do not want to be a disco ball!!! Ok, I shall get myself to a counter for testing

ChardonnaysPrettySister Mon 12-Feb-18 14:32:09

Not just the counter.

Put it on, go out in daylight and let it stay a couple of hours or so before deciding.

venetian25 Mon 12-Feb-18 14:37:32

Another vote for the Bare Minerals complexion rescue - not too heavy but enough to even out tones and very hydrating.

SukiTheDog Mon 12-Feb-18 14:39:57

OP, with the cost of products nowadays, it’s not unreasonable to ask for a small sample. I have very sensitive skin and won’t buy anything without trialling over a few days or saying I WILL return if it brings me out in hives. 😊

twoplytwoply Mon 12-Feb-18 16:21:26

I also enjoy the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. They're really good about giving samples, recommend getting the shade you think you want and the two either side of it and trying at home as their products tend to oxidise.

violetgrey Mon 12-Feb-18 16:25:21

The regular one. The illuminating version is well ilumminating.😂

OCSockOrphanage Mon 12-Feb-18 20:24:13

Ask for a sample of anything you are buying at a counter. Usually, sales assistants will give three/four days worth to try if you say your skin makes stuff oxidise. Then you can decide with knowledge of what works on your skin. I have a drawerful of impulse buys that didn't work reproaching me.

ALittleLemonTwist Mon 12-Feb-18 20:30:28

The Chanel cc cream is fantastic. Glowy but very natural looking

ohbitchplease Tue 13-Feb-18 20:23:16

God not the LM illuminating one. Even the woman on the LM counter warned me how GLOWY that one is. Stick the the original one. Apply with a very slightly damp beauty blender.

LatriceRoyale85 Tue 13-Feb-18 21:44:41

With all the Chanel vitlumiere aqua chat, I used to use vitalumiere aqua in Beige which was a perfect shade for me and I loved it but is a bit expensive now. Does anyone know any cheaper colour dupes and alternatives?

Currently using The Ordinary's fuller coverage Foundation which is good for the money but I got the shade wrong and it's a bit too pale for me

Naicethings Wed 14-Feb-18 18:12:38

I went into Space NK and ended up with the NARS Radiant tinted moisturiser in shade Finland. Perfect shade match and a lovely finish. Not over glowy; just healthy looking. It just pipped the LM! Thanks for all the recs. I might get my mum the LM for Mother's Day

SukiTheDog Wed 14-Feb-18 20:42:25

What was it about the Nars that clinched it, OP. A “shade” thing? Did you look at LM Porcelain and is it comparable to the Nars Finland? I need to get a tester of it as LM Oil Free Nude is kind of “off” on me now.

Just picking your brains, hope you don’t mind!

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