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48 and not sure what to wear now

(10 Posts)
Joliv123 Mon 12-Feb-18 08:55:34

Hi all , I'm after some help, I've very recently come out of a long relationship, I feel low, I look younger than my years, I think , I'm a size 12, with big boobs, bobbed hair which I am trying to grow out, I like to look stylish , don't have a pad of cash , but want to look nice, for myself, not interested in any new men right now , still finding it hard to get over my break up, where do you shop?

Stressedaboutthis Mon 12-Feb-18 09:18:16

I am 48, growing my hair long, look younger, size 12 (I won't admit I am now a 14 and am on a diet), feeling a bit low about my appearance and have big boobs too grin

Clothes and looking stylish are not that important to me. What is most important is taking care of my skin, having fabulous hair, being slim (WIP) and fit. If you have invested in what I call the hardware, it doesn't matter what the software is really. I know lots of women around my age who wear loads of makeup and accessories but are 2-3 stone overweight. They spend loads on clothes but IMO look terrible. That's why I am on a diet.

Shopping wise I look in The White Co., Mint Velvet (although only ever bought a pair of boots there), some Ralph Lauren (expensive but last yeeeaaarrrsssss), Jigsaw, All Saints, Ted Baker and generally flit around JLewis boutiques. I am usually a jeans, boots or trainers and T shirt or jumper person. I did buy a couple of scarves that are a bit mad and like them.

Having said that though recently I have decided to go back to what I used to wear. I bent myself out of shape for a while to help my DC fit into a posh school and make friends with the other mums. I now just want to be my old self which was dressed in black (although now dark grey as look washed out) with loads of eyeliner and beachy hair. Sounds rather sad for a 48 year old (who passes as a late 30 something) but it's how I feel most comfortable and myself.

One of the most beautiful women I know is 4 years older than me and knocks socks off anyone half her age.

CountFosco Mon 12-Feb-18 09:25:23

How tall are you? A size 12 can be overweight if you're very short, or slim if you're very tall.

Agree with the PP that bei g a healthy weight and doing plenty exercise and eating a good diet and basically loving yourself will make you feel better. Make sure you keep your hair trimmed regularly as you grow it out so it still feels stylish. Clothes wise if you've not got much money then buy the best quality basics you can (UNIQLO is really good for the price) then use H&M or Primark for the more fashiony pieces.

Stressedaboutthis Mon 12-Feb-18 09:28:24

Agree with PP. I realised a while ago that out of everyone in the world, you are the person who needs to love you the most. Start taking great care of you.

Joliv123 Mon 12-Feb-18 09:30:55

Hi I'm 5 foot 4 ish , I'm slimish , my skin is good, I'm starting yoga this month, which I am looking forward to, I usually stick to black, but am naturally fair skinned , it washes me out, my hair is coloured light brown with Blonde lights

foodiefil Mon 12-Feb-18 09:58:28

For what it's worth I think this is a fabulous age on women! I know loads of women this age who are gorgeous and don't look it. Also check out susannah reid

foodiefil Mon 12-Feb-18 09:59:17

Try navy? Instead of black

CountFosco Mon 12-Feb-18 10:12:27

If you like yoga then check out Yoga with Adriene on youtube. She posts a free video every week but in January for the last four years she has posted a 30 day series of yoga. You can subscribe to get extra content but there is an enormous back catologue of free videos and you can do it whenever you want. I find her videos a nice complement to a regular yoga class and an easy way to start a home practice. She's all about the self love as well grin.

hurtingheart Mon 12-Feb-18 10:19:38

I'm 49 and size 10/12 with biggish boobs too. I have long balayage hair and wear skinny jeans - finally found my holy grail ones so have 6 pairs! Stripy layering tops, scarves, seasalt cord tops, sweaters, layers, shirts, Chelsea boots. I like Zara, Joules for basics, decent wool and cotton shirts.

foodiefil Mon 12-Feb-18 10:29:15

What is your holy grail of jeans @hurtingheart?

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