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Retinol A cream for hyper-pigmentation

(9 Posts)
HRHPrincessMegan Sun 11-Feb-18 16:42:39

I’ve just bought a Retinol A cream to fade pigmentation that’s developed on my face due to my slack approach to using sun block. The instructions don’t say anything about using it in conjunction with a daily moisturiser or night cream. To start application is only recommended 1/2 a week until the skin becomes accustomed to it so it’s not an immediate problem. But you are supposed to build up daily usage.

Does anyone use a similar product? Do you apply it before or after other creams? Is it best to use in the morning or night?

lindyloo57 Sun 11-Feb-18 19:13:21

i would only use it at night, and you can put creams on first or after, i put creams on last.

HRHPrincessMegan Sun 11-Feb-18 20:38:33

Thank you!

HRHPrincessMegan Sun 11-Feb-18 20:39:38

I should have also asked, have you been pleased with the results? And how long have you been using it for.

lindyloo57 Sun 11-Feb-18 21:49:34

Hi i have been using it for about a year, i will say my wrinkles seem the same, but a sun spot i had on my cheak has almost gone, i do also use vitc from The ordinary and Alfa h an glycolic lotion. all started at the same time so dont realy know which one is doing the work, but will carry on with all three hopeing wrinkles are reduced too.

Mulberrysilk Sun 11-Feb-18 23:30:31

What's the name of the cream you're using?

lindyloo57 Mon 12-Feb-18 08:37:18

do you mean the retinol A? if so i started from the ordinary two retinols that they dont do any more but there are others now, take a look on the web site, i also had one from Ebay a gel one 1% it was a bit to strong. now i am using two different ones, one from the ordinary 1% in sqauline on my face, and one from spain .0.5 less strong for my chest and neck as it more sensitive there.

Backenette Mon 12-Feb-18 08:41:12

Don’t use these if there’s any chance you could become pregnant. Retinol is s powerful teratogen

HRHPrincessMegan Mon 12-Feb-18 15:17:12

It’s called Brightenx and it’s by Zo Medical. It has 0.5% retinol. I’m hoping that it’ll fade the hyper pigmentation, I don’t have much expectations around wrinkle but if there’s any help on that front I’ll take it.

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