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I have a voucher to spend at Charlotte Tilbury... what would you recommend?

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pomadas87 Sun 11-Feb-18 12:43:54

I have a small voucher to spend at CT as I complained about a gift sent to a friend (their customer service is brilliant btw!) and as a result I have a £15 voucher to spend online.

What would you recommend I get? £15 won't go far so I'm obviously happy to supplement for something extra lovely that I wouldn't normally buy.

I have the golden goddess eye palette already which I adore, especially on holiday in summer and I don't take any other eye makeup bar mascara.

Any products you'd particularly recommend? I like the look of the eye crayons and also pillow talk lipstick (apparently it suits all colourings?)


Faintlinesquints Sun 11-Feb-18 12:46:22

Youve already listed my 3 favourite things from them!

The colour chameleon pencils are amazing, would definitely recommend them.

Lipsticks are nice but I do find the matte revolution quite drying. Pillow talk is a lovely shade, I use it rather sparingly though so between the 2 I'd definitely pick the eye pencil.

Theclockstruck2 Sun 11-Feb-18 12:48:58

My fave things are the filmstar bronze and glow, which I got for Xmas and have used every day since, and the Kim kw lipstick. I like a nude and found pillow talk far too brown for me.

pomadas87 Sun 11-Feb-18 12:59:56

Yes I'm thinking pillow talk looks quite brown - I love red and pink lipsticks so not sure why I'm tempted by pillow talk...
my favourite shades that I own are MAC So Chaud and Bobbi Brown Italian Rose

Does anyone have any of the Kissing lipsticks? They look more moisturising

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