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What can I do with my hair?!

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carriewintermeadow Sun 11-Feb-18 02:51:23

This is me - on a good day! My hair is curly at the sides but tends to quickly go straight at the back. It goes very frizzy and just generally looks unkempt all the time.

I hate it short, am rubbish at updos, and don't like it out of my face (dislike the way I look so tend to hide in my hair a bit) and I've no idea what's left really.

I've tried curly girl method but it wasnt Amy better. I've tried various serums and curl creams - it still goes frizzy but straight at the back.

Any ideas how I can look a bit more as if I care?!

carriewintermeadow Sun 11-Feb-18 02:52:45

Sorry forgot the photo!

Spartasprout Sun 11-Feb-18 02:55:05

Sorry not much help but I now have serious hair envy!

Argeles Sun 11-Feb-18 03:05:37

When you wash your hair, concentrate on the scalp, and do not rub the rest of your hair, as it causes frizz and tangling.

Always condition, and do one deep condition every week.

Comb hair in shower and pat it with a towel. Apply John Freida serum & a volume mousse (I use Pantene).

Create your parting with a comb, then divide your hair into the top and bottom section (section of the top with 1 or 2 large clips. Then divide your bottom section into 2 and make a tight plait with each of these sections - take the bottom of each plait and secure these to the top of your bottom section with little hair clips. Do exactly the same with your top section.

Leave the plaits to dry naturally for several hours - mine usually take around 5 hours to thoroughly dry. Take out the hair clips, then unplait the plaits and shake your head around. Tease the gorgeous waves you will have gently with your fingers. Spray very lightly with hairspray.

Argeles Sun 11-Feb-18 03:09:15

Here’s a link which is very similar to what I described, but with images too:

franktheskank Sun 11-Feb-18 03:19:49

I think your hair is gorgeous envy

carriewintermeadow Sun 11-Feb-18 03:59:07

Thank you blush

It looks ok when freshly washed but not great when the back goes straight but the sides are so curly.

Thanks argeles I'll try that. I stopped using serum because it either did nothing or made it look greasy.

Argeles Sun 11-Feb-18 07:43:29

I’ve had that with other serums before, but not John Freida.

I’ve spent so much money over the years desperately trying to ‘tame’ my hair, but the technique and products mentioned above have so far been the best solutions I’ve found.

Good luck!

Mulberrysilk Sun 11-Feb-18 08:19:33

Have you ever tried using the babyliss big hair? It might even out the difference between the straight back and curly sides.

DefinitelyOdd Sun 11-Feb-18 08:56:08

Ah, you have hair like me but better! Thise ringlets are gorgeous!

I have found that if I use products designed fo Afro-Caribbean hair, specifically the Shea Moisture range and ORS leave in products then my curls are better hydrated and therefore play a bit more nicely.

I think the ORS leave in moisturising lotion works better then a serum for curly hair. I apply a five pence piece sized amount to the ends of my hair before working it through the rest of the length, give my hair a good shake with my fingers and then either plait it in sections or leave it to dry naturally (only in summer as it takes ages in winter). I also put various hair oils on twice or three times a week as well as deep condition with a Shea moisture hair mask once a week.

carriewintermeadow Tue 13-Feb-18 02:23:23

Thanks for the suggestions.

I find whatever I do, the curls at the back just drop out after a few hours, unlike the sides.

carriewintermeadow Tue 13-Feb-18 02:24:33

No matter what I do, I think I still look scruffy.

I think it needs cutting again (last time was about 3 months ago) but unsure what style would suit me?

Greenglassteacup Tue 13-Feb-18 08:28:55

I love your hair OP.

BelleandBeast Tue 13-Feb-18 08:41:26

Could you perm the back ? Your hair looks lovely though!

Clearly I'm Useless with curly hair

Frankiewears Tue 13-Feb-18 09:02:38

The weight needs to be taken out of the back- I suggest a graduated jaw length style so you keep your lovely curls at the sides. It will be much easier to manage.

yummyeclair Tue 13-Feb-18 09:06:10


Silverstreaks Tue 13-Feb-18 09:06:37

I suggest perming the back too.

TwentySevenTrillion Tue 13-Feb-18 11:41:23

Could be a variety of things. It depends on your hair type and what you are currently doing to it grin. If you have fine hair you will need different products/routine to someone with thick hair, etc etc. Some things to consider:

1) If you have a really powerful shower is the weight/force of the water flattening your hair down/plastering to your head. Also stripping out all of the conditioner in the top layer of your hair? Maybe worth rinsing off conditioner upside down? See if that makes a difference.

2) Are you using too much conditioner/not shampooing enough. I know everyone goes on about co-washing - and I do this for 3 washes. And then my hair starts going a bit wrong and the curls drop as there is too much build up (even though silicon free conditioner). So I wash it with shampoo and it springs back to life again. So is it conditioner weighing down the outer layer?

3) Ditto hair product. If you put the hair product on from the top of your hair down, then the top/sides get the most of it. Is it too much? Or too heavy a product? Particularly if you have fine hair. I find most curl "creams" are too heavy and pull my curls out. Instead I use a really light moisture trapping gel to seal in the moisture and then good old cheapy Eco Gel to "set" the curl. Neither overly heavy so they don't weigh my curls down as I have very fine hair.

4) Alternatively, if you tip your head upside down to put your product in, are you missing what is actually the top/back/canopy of your hair. The most product (if hanging upside down iyswim) can sometime just go on the underneath layers. You may be missing product on the top/back.

5) I had very straight bits at the back and realised that when I was "scrunching" the eco gel through I was missing the back. Would be gently scrunching/pushing the curls up throughout my head - except missing the back bit. I am back on it now and have curls at the back again.

6) Are you playing with the top/back too much? If you fiddle/run your hands through your hair you may actually be pulling the curls out with your hands.

Sorry - that was long. And no real answer. But difficult without knowing what you do with your hair at the moment and what your hair is like (It is lovely btw).

And don't forget - you may see the straighter bits at the back - and be hyper aware - but everyone else will just be seeing glorious, curly, fabulous hair.

carriewintermeadow Tue 13-Feb-18 11:47:02

Thanks Twentyseven, lots of info there! I will try out all those things. My hair is quite fine.

sanitygirl Tue 13-Feb-18 15:02:27

@TwentySevenTrillion can you post links to the gels you use? Your hair type sounds similar to mine and I'd like to try them out

TwentySevenTrillion Tue 13-Feb-18 15:10:34 this to trap in the moisture. And Eco Gel (any but am on this atm)

I put on in the shower. The boucleme first (kind of rake it through) and then a blob of the ecogel which I scrunch through.

carriewintermeadow Tue 13-Feb-18 18:56:20

Thanks Twentyseven. I have some Tesco basic gel I used to scrunch into my hair when I was following curly girl so I'll try that again. I've been using some hideously expensive stuff I got from the hairdressers because it smells divine and because it cost so much but I'll go back to the gel.

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