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Naive question about nail bars

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squashyhat Sat 10-Feb-18 15:42:49

I have never been in a nail bar. Do they do toenails? As in cut/file and apply polish?

coalwife Sat 10-Feb-18 15:46:12

Our local nail bar does everything from full pedicure to file and paid t.

SoFancy Sat 10-Feb-18 15:48:35

Most will do what you want within reason.

For feet, most will offer a full pedicure where they soak feet, file off hard skin, cut and file toenails and apply polish. But if you just want a nail trim and polish change, most will accommodate that, too, I find.

I prefer the walk-in places to the proper beauty salons, to be honest. They are quicker and more efficient in my experience <and before anyone starts about Vietnamese workers being exploited, my local shop is run by a lovely young Vietnamese couple and staffed by their siblings and Mum>

squashyhat Sat 10-Feb-18 16:35:58

Thanks. My toenails (especially on the big toes) are like hooves and I find them very difficult to cut properly. And when I apply polish more goes on the toes themselves than the nails! I may pay my local one a visit next week.

Loonoon Sat 10-Feb-18 17:18:07

I always have a tonailmshape and polish rather than a full pedi as I find pedicures too tickly. And I agree with SoFancy, you normally get a better service from a dedicated nail bar than a general beauty salon but avoid ones full of women who don't speak much English. Ask around locally to find somewhere where you can be sure the staff are being payed a fair wage.

legolammb Sat 10-Feb-18 18:05:50

Can I hijack as another novice to this and ask if it's ok to bring your own polish for a pedicure? I need to get my toes done for an upcoming holiday but am getting angst about it! I have a polish which is the perfect red and want to top it up on a 2 week holiday

Aridane Sat 10-Feb-18 18:16:36

I’m sure that will be fine!

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