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Could you help me find a sweater like this?

(6 Posts)
IWillSurviveHeyHey Sat 10-Feb-18 12:20:26

Despite the hefty discount, I still think it's pricey, mostly because it is not quite the shade of pink I was hoping for. This one is a little too raspberry-ish whilst I am hoping for something more bubble-gum, frosting, even icy pink. Nothing garish as I'll wear it against black and navy, and nothing too pale like blush as I am pale myself.

The neck is perfect, but crew would work too. Have you see anything specific you could link me to?

Mosaic123 Sat 10-Feb-18 15:32:01

Have you looked at Woolovers? They might have something.

IWillSurviveHeyHey Sun 11-Feb-18 08:22:24

Yes I have. Their pinks are not quite right though. I also find their sweaters are not as fitted as I'd like and the sleeves usually a bit too long.

Soyalatteforme Sun 11-Feb-18 08:41:14

There's a cashmere sale on Brand Alley atm. Think they had some pink.

MaryPoppinsStoleMyHandbag Sun 11-Feb-18 08:42:20

This Hobbs one in candy pink?

IWillSurviveHeyHey Sun 11-Feb-18 14:08:22

The Hobbs one looks like a winner!! Thank you!!

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