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I currently look like Shirley Temple....

(15 Posts)
Bejazzled Fri 09-Feb-18 19:11:49

....when I wanted to look like this....

Please help a useless GHD amateur

Luckycatsplat Fri 09-Feb-18 20:12:25

My hair is incredibly staticy right now and looks just like that.

Bejazzled Fri 09-Feb-18 20:17:59

So you're recommending static then
Gee thanks hmm

samatamfabahaba Fri 09-Feb-18 20:21:16

I have no idea who Shirley Temple is or what she looks like, but in regards to GHD's and this style, hold them on a slight angle when you get toward to end of your sections of hair. Back comb the roots and use a mousse or spray at the roots also. Use your finger tips to "ruffle" the roots and think volume!

specialsubject Fri 09-Feb-18 20:38:43

Never heard of Shirley temple? Wow, I'm old.

HoneyDragon Fri 09-Feb-18 20:44:32

Is that actually your curl type op? If it is I find it easy to pin up and start under. Spray with heat protection spray as I go.

EnidButton Fri 09-Feb-18 20:55:36

So annoying when people go 'omg you've not heard of xx' but Shirley Temple?! shock

Are your curls natural or a perm Bejazzled?

Bejazzled Fri 09-Feb-18 21:05:21

I had a go with my GHD s trying to copy a YouTube video. Loose soft waves not so much...

Bejazzled Fri 09-Feb-18 21:06:23


theHitcher Fri 09-Feb-18 21:37:34

Damn you OP. I've got 'the good ship lollipop' as an ear worm now.

samatamfabahaba Fri 09-Feb-18 22:05:51

Okay, sorry, I have HEARD of her but I couldn't picture her. Now I've seen the picture I know who you mean!! There's a HELL of a difference between her and Diana Agron though!

MistyMinge Fri 09-Feb-18 22:11:18

I had a 'lob' cut and pictured myself with tousled loose waves, along the lines of Jenna Coleman. It turns out I'm really cack handed at using straighteners to do curls /waves, and curling wands too. I've watched numerous youtube videos, but no, I'm just crap at doing hair.

Sorry, that's not really any help.

EnidButton Fri 09-Feb-18 22:20:47

grin Sam

WaterBuffaloDancing Sat 10-Feb-18 08:41:47

As I had watched too many fail videos of people scorching their hair off, when I wanted to learn to curl my hair I asked my hair dresser to teach me how.

She is a mobile hairdresser so comes to my house and I think she charged me £5 to curl my whole head plus talk me through it. So she showed me how to curl my hair, how to wrap it and what direction plus how long to hold my hair on the barrel for.

It helped that I could take over and try some of it for myself. Now I can do my whole head in under 10 mins and my hair is bra strap length.

Ask your hairdresser to teach you. If they gave you the cut they should show you how to maintain it.

Heratnumber7 Sat 10-Feb-18 09:05:13

Now I've never heard of Diana Agron!

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