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Thinning hair - any suggestions?

(9 Posts)
RoseCuntedGlasses Fri 09-Feb-18 18:08:06

Oh for the days of having lovely thick hair that I totally didn’t appreciate hmm

The hair at the front of my head is very thin, with a lovely amount of scalp on show. I think it’s a combination of pregnancy and maybe traction alopecia from tying to back too tightly for many years. It means I can’t have a centre parting, as that’s when it’s at its most obvious, and it’s barely disguisable with a side parting. I’m going to end up with some kind of elaborate combover...

Anyone else in the same boat? What do you do about it? I can’t get away with wearing a hairband or anything and I’m 35 so this is only going to get worse.

I’ve been thinking about having a fringe put in, starting from quite far back on my scalp, but don’t know if that would look worse? I had some shit fringes as a kid so I’m a bit suspicious of them.

Can anyone recommend anything to make me appear less bald/stop me going more bald?

Thanks in advance smile

KingIrving Fri 09-Feb-18 19:20:04

Have a look at your diet. Iron deficiency and vitamins Bs deficiency affect hair thickness. Be aware it takes months to see a difference.

Blood test might be in order

Aridane Fri 09-Feb-18 20:23:30

There’s a thread on hair loss / hair loss support somewhere - she says unhelpfully vaguely ( fellow hair loss sufferer)

Deux Fri 09-Feb-18 20:43:11

Sorry to hear this OP. GP as a first port of call is a must.

My friend has had great success using a supplement called Biotin.

Aridane Sat 10-Feb-18 06:25:23

I went to myGP - she thought it was probably Ill health from a while back and menopause but did bloods, including thyroid. No medical reason - but at least baby hair is starting go to grow back

abbsisspartacus Sat 10-Feb-18 06:29:53

I'm in the same boat however I do have a thyroid problem as soon as it swings my hair falls out I take many many supplements to help and my hair is layered to help hide it, can you ask your hairdressers advice on the fringe?

calmandbright Sat 10-Feb-18 06:47:03

Firstly, GP for blood tests. Even if they say your iron levels are normal or within range, get the number - because hair needs a ferritin level of over 70 to grow. So iron supplements are probably a good bet. Take with orange juice as vitamin C aids absorption. Zinc supplements can also be useful.

Secondly, use a caffeine shampoo like plantur to stimulate hair growth and the scalp. Combine with head massage to stimulate the follicles. Make sure you’re looking after the hair you have with a good conditioner, hair mask once a week etc to prevent further loss and so you’ve got good hair to work with. There’s a spray you can get called regaine which contains a chemical called mixodil (I think - if I remember correctly!) that has had good results in stimulating hair growth. Use it twice daily.

Thirdly, working with your hair. Fringes are good!! Look up the fringe blow drying method to get the fringe to stay in place. Use dry shampoo for volume. What colour is your hair? If it’s brown or dark, use a coloured dry shampoo, and hairspray for added thickness and volume. You can also either get hair fibres (topik are really good!) that actually bond with the hair and also colour the scalp so really helps to hide the scalp showing through. You could also use (either with or instead of topik) a root touch up spray, again will disguise a white scalp shining through.

As a last resort, if it’s so bad and it’s making you miserable, have a look at hair topper wigs. Could be a short term solution to make you feel better whilst your hair is regrowing.

My utmost sympathies. Hairloss is bloody shit sad Do see your GP though. flowers

RoseCuntedGlasses Sat 10-Feb-18 18:57:28

Thanks everyone, and my sympathies to everyone in the same boat. It really is rubbish. It’s knocked my confidence more than I ever thought something like that would. I’m paranoid about people noticing the light bouncing off my shiny pink scalp hmm

I’ll go and get a blood test as first port of call then. I’m vegetarian so the iron thing is a real possibility because my diet isn’t great. Chips have iron in, right? smile

And I’ll have a look at the caffeine shampoo. I keep seeing one advertised, something like Alpersin, I think? I wasn’t sure what the effect of caffeine would be, but I’ll pretty much try anything.

Thanks again.

ArkAtEee Sun 11-Feb-18 15:13:39

Regarding iron, don't drink tea with meals or around the same time you take a supplement. The tannins block it being absorbed. As mentioned above, food and drink rich in vitamin C will help absorbsion, especially of plant-based sources.

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