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Skin Tightening / Toning Treatments during weight loss

(10 Posts)
WrenDouglas Fri 09-Feb-18 16:54:15

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone can recommend skin toning/ tightening treatments that are good to do while trying to lose weight. I'm not looking for a miracle cure or a substitute for diet and exercise, but ideas of anything that I can do alongside to minimise sagging skin.
My skin is currently in pretty good nick (I suppose because there's no shortage of fat plumping it up!) but I'm on a mission to lose a decent amount of weight and I'm a bit worried about having lots of sagging skin by the end of it.

Tips I've seen so far are to lose weight slowly and to do weight training, both fit in with my plans. When I google skin treatments I get things like cryolipolysis or contour wraps, all promising inch loss. I'm not sure if these are the right treatments for me, I'm looking for something that would hopefully help my skin adapt to the gradual weight loss, rather than a "quick fix" treatment.

Any recommendations for body lotions I can use at home would be fab too!

specialsubject Fri 09-Feb-18 17:18:21

None of the potions or unicorn skin wraps will work - all lies. No such thing as firming or toning cream or no one would have wrinkles.

Take it slow ( crash dieters always end up fatter) and dont worry.

rightknockered Fri 09-Feb-18 19:53:53

make sure you eat plenty of good fats, keep yourself hydrated and use olive oil to moisturise your skin and keep it supple. Apart from that, time will tell.

Lotsofsausage Sun 11-Feb-18 22:02:32

firming creams and treatments do not work. Keep hydrated, lose weight slowly (no more than 1lb a week) and toning exercise to avoid loose skin.

fezzesarecool Fri 08-Jun-18 12:52:30

Hiya I just wondered if you tried any treatments?

LaLaLolly Fri 08-Jun-18 13:32:16

I'm exactly in the same situation. Have recently lost a lot of weight and working on losing the rest.

I use the Retinol oil from Hand Chemistry (Deciem) and have decided to get some collagen supplements. I also do a LOT of strength training.

fezzesarecool Fri 08-Jun-18 14:26:56

Yep Im in the same situation too, resistance training 4x a week and wondering if it’s worth having some laser skin tightening treatment as I go along.

BeyondThePage Fri 08-Jun-18 14:29:47

Depends on your age too - if you are the wrong side of 40 skin elasticity can be poor - if you are the wrong side of 50 (me) then loose skin is definitely going to be an issue.

sherrijc123 Sun 18-Nov-18 11:35:06

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Dustbunny1900 Sun 18-Nov-18 23:53:46

I lost 60 pounds overnight (stopped taking a nap antidepressant with horrific side effects ) and what helped me was time, a great diet rich in protein/collagen/good fats (I suggest making your own bone broth), weight training. I can't prove this, but I found dry brushing and just moisturizing every night helped a lot.

The only thing that really helped my face get back to,where it was at 20 was spf every damn day, sculptra injections to make my body produce collagen, and a script of tretinoin.
I also do intermittent fasting for the autophagy benefits

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