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Foundation recommendations needed - no perfume / SPF - sensitive skin & eyes.

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LoonvanBoon Fri 09-Feb-18 10:58:56

I don't really have a proper foundation at the moment that I can count on to get me through a day out / event, and would like to find one.

I'm mid 40s, have fine lines and some dry areas - especially cheeks - but can still get a bit of shine on forehead / nose. I have rosacea which is reasonably under control, but I do still flush at times and that leaves my skin - again, mainly cheeks - blotchy and uneven. So I need a bit more than totally sheer coverage.

My skins's quite sensitive but not as bad as my eyes, which are crazily reactive and very dry - I have Sjogren's syndrome as well as poss. ocular rosacea - and they react to any products with chemical SPF or perfume, anywhere on my face, not just in the eye area. So if I want to avoid bright red, burning eyes I have to be careful.

ATM I just wear a tinted (physical) sunblock day to day - Elta MD UV Physical that I have to order from the US. I've used it for years, love it and it evens out my skin tone adequately on a good day. But it doesn't exactly leave me looking flawless and won't cover up a flush.

The last foundations I tried were Clinique, I think. The Redness Solutions foundation was great for my skin and gave the right amount of coverage, but made my eyes sting and burn (chemical SPF). I also tried the Beyond Perfecting foundation as that's SPF free but it was too heavy and greasy for me - felt like a mask and I couldn't get a decent colour match.

Have tried lots of mineral foundations over the years, including Lily Lolo, Bare Essentials, Susan Posnick & poss. more and they've all made my skin itch and break out in bumpy spots.

Years ago when I first had rosacea I tried numeous foundations, from a cheap Max Factor one - Colour Adapt, I think - which was okayish, to a Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser which reviews raved about but which made my skin very greasy. I never got on with Estee Lauder Doublewear - just settled in lines and looked shit every time I tried it.

Does anyone have any ideas?? It's at least a couple of years since I looked for anything new so there may be new miracle foundations out there (trying to be optimistic...). Would prefer something pretty easy to apply as although I do have brushes, sponges etc I have enough crap to do looking after my eyes and don't want a complicated make up routine. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

vintagebella Fri 09-Feb-18 11:36:04

This sounds like me, it's very frustrating! Everything I try I eventually get a reaction to because I have eczema and rosacea on my face as well as very sensitive eyes... Anyway, I've thought of contacting the Changing Faces charity who do clinics dealing with covering up of facial problems. Would this be an option for you? In my area you can self refer, others you have to have a GP referral - may be worth a try.

sanitygirl Fri 09-Feb-18 12:18:44

Have you tried the Bare Minerals complexion rescue? Unscented and mineral sunscreen. You should be able to get a sample if you go to one of their counters.

sanitygirl Fri 09-Feb-18 12:20:02

Also Dusty Girls tinted moisturiser might be worth a try Made by Moogoo who do excellent gentle creams for sensitive skin. If you email them they should send you a sample

LoonvanBoon Fri 09-Feb-18 15:33:08

Thanks for the suggestions. The bare minerals one sounds interesting and I don't think there's anything on the ingredients list that would be a problem. Will try to get a sample of that.

The earth cream ingredients include lots of oils I've never tried - and my skin doesn't like most of the natural oils I have tried - so I'd be wary of that one.

vintagebella, ezcema sounds a difficult addition to the mix as well. The Changing Faces charity sounds interesting, though are they more about camouflage make-up for scarring, burns etc? I'd rather avoid anything too thick and mask-like as most of the time I don't need it and don't find it comfortable. I guess I'm looking for medium coverage, and foundation that doesn't melt if I get hot. I think I tried some dermablend once, when my rosacea was more active and looked worse, but didn't get on with that either. I should have kept a list! smile

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