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Moroccan Oil - anyone know a good dupe?

(19 Posts)
HuskyMcClusky Wed 07-Feb-18 13:46:56

I love this stuff, but not the eye-watering price. I know there are loads of copies on the market, but can anyone recommend a really good one, please?

mrslebon Wed 07-Feb-18 15:13:39

Following as I have the exact same question.

HuskyMcClusky Wed 07-Feb-18 15:14:58

Oh, good! Well, hopefully someone will be along soon. wink <drums fingers>

PsychoSyd Wed 07-Feb-18 15:39:31

I use pure argan oil. Couple of drops in my hands rubbed together then smoothed over my hair. I get mine from Naissance.

InMemoryOfSleep Wed 07-Feb-18 15:41:58

I really like Dove Pure Care Dry Oil, I think it was a Sali Hughes recommendation. It’s usually about £8 but it’s half price in Boots at the moment so worth a go?

Lucymek Wed 07-Feb-18 15:44:38

I have yet to find anything and I have tried everything.

HuskyMcClusky Wed 07-Feb-18 15:44:47

InMemory, that’s the one I’ve been using! I find it a bit crap, tbh. It doesn’t have that nice Moroccan-y smell or smoothing effect. sad

stoplickingthetelly Wed 07-Feb-18 18:07:09

Sorry to say I've tried all sorts too, but always go back to this. It really is the best I've found.

mrslebon Wed 07-Feb-18 18:49:50

Right, may as well order another bottle off eBay then @stoplickingthetelly

Crazyladee Wed 07-Feb-18 19:07:35

I've wasted so much money trying to find cheaper alternatives that don't even come close, I have decided that seeing as a bottle lasts me approximately 6 months, it's worth the extra £.

I love it so much, it's my desert island product. grin

Hoppinggreen Wed 07-Feb-18 19:15:21

I’m sure I’ve seen that in Lidl or Aldi

JeffsNewAngle Wed 07-Feb-18 19:23:11

Plain glycerin from the chemist is excellent as a moisturizer for hair.
I put it on the ends when my curly hair is wet and it’s fantastic. Keeps the curls from frizzing out.
I use a few drops of aromatherapy oil as well.

Really really cheap in the brown chemists brand bottle.

10thingsIhateAboutTheDailyMail Wed 07-Feb-18 19:27:27

I got a good one from TKMaxx, from this brand:

Similar smell and consistency, only need a few drops. Can only see the conditioner though, not the actual oil (maybe in stores?)

HuskyMcClusky Thu 08-Feb-18 02:32:09

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I’m going to just suck it up and pay for the original. 😣

InMemoryOfSleep Thu 08-Feb-18 15:18:40

I think the Dove oil is one of those products that’s really dependent on hair type, it works pretty well for me. But I agree it’s not a patch on MoroccanOil, and sadly never found anything that is, which is why I’m currently ekeing out a sample sized bottle!

Onynx Thu 08-Feb-18 22:02:53

I use this one & find it great

CointreauVersial Fri 09-Feb-18 13:32:48

Is this for hair?

I really rate the Elvive Extraordinary Oil. I use four pumps on the lengths of my hair after washing (twice what the pack suggests), and it ends up incredibly soft and swishy. It smells lovely too.

spankhurst Fri 09-Feb-18 13:35:24

Extraordinary Oil is fabulous stuff.

HuskyMcClusky Fri 09-Feb-18 13:43:43

Yes, for hair! Thanks for the recommendations. smile

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