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Jeans and weird stretching

(18 Posts)
Equimum Wed 07-Feb-18 13:04:39

So, over the past year I have had three pairs of jeans secumb to really odd stretching, which is occurring from the fly zip out towards the hip. I’ve never had this before, but in all three pairs, there has been a sort of rippling occur, as though the elastic element has given up.

Does anyone know why this has happened, and if anyone has had similar occur, has anyone found a pair of jeans that don’t seem to be affected.

I haven’t put on weight or anything, so not sure what this can be.


Leftylou1730 Fri 09-Mar-18 03:46:35

I’m having this issue too. I don’t understand what’s going on...commented to follow post.

CalmConfident Fri 09-Mar-18 04:02:00

Me as well!

Faze84 Fri 09-Mar-18 04:06:56

I'd say this happens with cheaper jeans.

scarfaceace Fri 09-Mar-18 12:19:17

Me too!

ambercat Fri 09-Mar-18 12:20:38

I’ve had it with 2 pairs of topshop jeans, think it’s from tumble drying

PNGirl Fri 09-Mar-18 12:21:17

Where are the jeans from? All the same place?

SukiTheDog Fri 09-Mar-18 13:07:05

Tumble dryers wreak havoc on the fabric of jeans/jeggings if the material is quite thin/very stretchy. I’ve binned a number of pairs from Sainsbury’s that just either shrunk so much it was difficult to get them on or were baggy in all the wrong places.

Leftylou1730 Fri 09-Mar-18 13:48:52

These jeans are almost $100 from Express. And I’ve always dried my jeans in the dryer.

PNGirl Fri 09-Mar-18 14:17:10

I have never dried jeans in the tumble dryer as they always shrink in tiny increments. Mine last for years.

CallarMorvern Fri 09-Mar-18 16:43:46

Yep, me too. I never put modern jeans in the dryer as the lycra/polyester doesn't fair well. So I know it's not the dryer that's causing it. I did wonder if it was because I dry them on a heated towel rail and the failed bit is where the fabric sits on the heated bar, but I'm not convinced. I've had it happen with Sainsbury's, Peacocks and another one, can't remember the make. Not with Dorothy Perkins Frankie jeans though.

Leftylou1730 Fri 09-Mar-18 17:22:05

Hmmm well i guess I’ll stop putting jeans in the dryer. They must’ve changed what they make them out of. Legit over 20 years of drying and just the last year or so started having this issue.

BestIsWest Fri 09-Mar-18 17:26:32

Yes, M&S.

Kenworthington Fri 09-Mar-18 17:33:00

This happens to my topshop ones too, the thin but really stretchy Joni and Jamie ones

Mulberrysilk Fri 09-Mar-18 17:44:41

Me too. Jeans are from Zara. I agree, its the dryer. Its a new thing as I've always used the dryer but I've never had jeans with the much elastic.

Lorelaithe1st Fri 09-Mar-18 18:18:51

This has happened to me with both Sainsbury’s and Topshop Joni jeans but I don’t tumble dry so might just be the elastic going over time. Both pairs only a year old 😥

Oldraver Fri 09-Mar-18 18:29:08

My latest pair of TU ones did this but across the back..below the the bum area.

I assume it's form the Lycra streching...mine have sort of 'bubbled'.. Never been tumble dried either

Oldraver Fri 09-Mar-18 18:31:56

I've also found that there is so much stretch in the ones I bought that I had to size down, The previous pair felt too big after a few washes and were always falling down.

I dont think this helps with the elastic going as I'm wearing the jeans very stretched IYSWIM

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