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Does anyone want to find me a winter wedding guest dress?

(11 Posts)
abc12345 Tue 06-Feb-18 18:23:36

Hiya I need something to wear to a wedding next week. I’m 5’8”, 35, size 12. I’m feeling a bit chubby since Christmas so I don’t want anything short and I would like sleeves. I think I suit more fitted styles... I haven’t got tome to go shopping properly. Has anyone seen anything nice?! X

abc12345 Tue 06-Feb-18 19:13:42


Reala Tue 06-Feb-18 19:15:09

Check out Coast, some lovely dresses in at the moment.

octonaught Tue 06-Feb-18 19:21:12

Boden Dress (plum or black) £33-£44 in the sale

bleughhh Tue 06-Feb-18 19:25:43

Not sure of budget but I'd try to go for something not totally wedding-guest-ish so you can wear it again...

This jumpsuit?

With bright pink heels and a clutch with pink in it? Or metallic heels and clutch? With some 'statement' jewellery?

bleughhh Tue 06-Feb-18 19:26:39

P.s. 5'8'' and size 12 is definitely not chubby!!

MistyMeadow Tue 06-Feb-18 19:29:13

Ooh the boden dress is absolutely lovely!

BeeHobz Tue 06-Feb-18 19:34:54

Take a look at Dancing Leopard online. i just bought a lovely long shirt dress for a wedding from there.

abc12345 Wed 07-Feb-18 07:36:19

Thanks ladies. Lovely suggestions.
Unfortunately the jumpsuit is a bit out of my price range currently!
I really like the dancing leopard stuff. Have you ever ordered from them? I just just wondering what the quality is like

Peppardew Wed 07-Feb-18 07:49:29

Saw lots of this sort of thing in the Boden sale, hopefully would reach you in time if it's next weekend

BeeHobz Wed 07-Feb-18 08:25:44

I just ordered a dress - nice quality and fit. I'd say just as good as any high st shop. 🙂

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