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Like a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso but smaller AKA my never-ending quest for the perfect watch

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TheInimitableMrsFanshawe Mon 05-Feb-18 14:30:54

I have small wrists. Like, 5cm across, 14 cm around small wrists. The fashion for huge watches simply doesn’t suit me. I recently came into a sum of money and I would love to buy myself a classic, elegant, wear everyday watch. I’m prepared to spend investment-type money on it, but I don’t have to.

But can I buggering find anything suitable? I currently have a ten year old Emporio Armani with a rectangular face and I like the look of that. So rectangular face would be nice, but not essential. I also have a Rotary which has the right sized face but it’s losing crystals round the bezel and the strap won’t go small enough. I would also really love a flinqué/guilloche/engraved dial. Not mother of pearl. Diamonds are fine, but need to be elegant, not blingy. No gold.

I love, love, love the JLC Reverso watches. But even the smallest model is just too big for my wrist, to my eye. Also tried and dismissed are Cartier Tank (all of them), Carter Panthère (reminiscent of DH’s Casio digital) and Longines Dolce Vita (the smallest model is nice, if a bit dull and I don’t like the way the width of the strap matches the width of the watch face). I like the Mont Blanc Bohème Day and Night, but the smallest model of Bohème has no day/night phase.

So I am very fussy. But also stuck. Can anyone suggest anything I haven’t considered?

ToElleWithIt Mon 05-Feb-18 15:39:51

I have the same wrist measurements and wear a small JLC reverso duetto. I honestly don't think it's out of proportion, but I appreciate that it's a personal thing. You could look at vintage JLCs. I think that the Ideale model is slightly slimmer. The JLC dress models with the calibre 101 movement are tiny, but ludicrously expensive. Chopard Classique Femme is narrow.

I think your best bet may be to hunt down something vintage where you're much more likely to find smaller proportions. Lots of vintage Chopard and Rolex have very small dimensions.

FlossieTeacakesFauxFurCoat Mon 05-Feb-18 19:15:45

I had very similar search criteria 10 years ago (when my wrists were slim....).

I plumped for the Cartier Tank Allongee. It is basically a smaller more elegant version of the Tank. Unlike the Tank mini, it keeps the Tank rectangular proportions. It wasn't available in the UK as the chunkier watches are preferred in Europe, but Cartier shipped one over from Hong Kong.

Attached a pic (I think it looks better in real life!).

TheInimitableMrsFanshawe Mon 05-Feb-18 20:52:15

Thanks both.

ToElle I had noticed that there were Duetto models that were smaller than, say, Reverso One. They’re significantly expensive though - I’m struggling a bit with Reverso One money, even though I plan for it to be a once in a lifetime purchase. I’ll have another look though.

I’ll also have a look at the Tank Allongee Flossie thanks. I’d prefer a metal strap but that’s mostly to do with concerns about longevity. I guess if it’s not a traditional buckle it’s likely to fare better anyway.

TheInimitableMrsFanshawe Mon 05-Feb-18 20:52:46

Oh and yes, I am coming round to the idea that vintage might be my best bet.

Piccolino2 Mon 05-Feb-18 21:28:45

I have a 14cm wrist, 5cm across and a JLC Reverso Classic small. I like dainty watches and this has never felt too big on me. I can take a picture if you want?

Mine was a wedding present and I love it. I’m actually allergic to their straps oddly and now decided I don’t want a black strap so it’s been a pain when replacing the strap but it’s a gorgeous, classic and slightly unusual watch.

TheInimitableMrsFanshawe Mon 05-Feb-18 21:49:09

Piccolino thanks, yes please. Are the Classic models all leather straps?

TheInimitableMrsFanshawe Mon 05-Feb-18 21:54:36

Ah. I think the Classic Small with steel strap might be what I am trying on in this picture? I was relatively happy with this but then I tried on one Edinburgh with DH and I think they might have only had a (bigger) unisex one which was too big

Piccolino2 Mon 05-Feb-18 22:27:03

Tried to get a decent picture, hope this works!

Piccolino2 Mon 05-Feb-18 22:29:06

Yes it looks the same, I like it on you, but of course you have to love it yourself. I like that it’s not your predictable watch and quite understated.

TheInimitableMrsFanshawe Mon 05-Feb-18 22:31:33

Brilliant, thanks so much Piccolino. I also love that it’s classic but not an obvious choice. I think I need to get my head round spending all that money on it.

Piccolino2 Mon 05-Feb-18 22:36:16

Well we only live once and you know, you can’t take it with you so I say enjoy. Whatever you get will be bound to make you smile every time you look down at your wrist. If you think about it, cost per wear, it’s a bargain!!

Mominatrix Mon 05-Feb-18 22:39:11

What about an Hermes cape cod on the smallest size? You can have a metal band or a variety of leather bans in many colours, including double tour options.

TheInimitableMrsFanshawe Mon 05-Feb-18 22:41:44

Not wild about the Cape Cod, but thanks for the suggestion.

MamehaSan Mon 05-Feb-18 23:01:27

Skagen? Some of them are small enough to suit wrists your size (mine are similar)

friskybivalves Mon 05-Feb-18 23:10:09

Chopard does some very small watches with those moving diamonds inside. But think most have a round face. They are truly dinky though.

friskybivalves Mon 05-Feb-18 23:11:04

Does Chanel do any for those little bird-like French women with wrists only a little bigger than their waist?

TheInimitableMrsFanshawe Thu 08-Feb-18 07:24:47

The Chanel watches are all very fashion-led, not really what I am looking for.

friskybivalves Thu 08-Feb-18 13:52:56

C’est vrai, ça.

I do love a small Cartier ballon blue. Or longines have a small one called the DolceVita Mini Ladies which is rectangular and v pretty...

friskybivalves Thu 08-Feb-18 13:53:59

Longines dolce vita

leedy Fri 09-Feb-18 16:10:53

Not rectangular but I have a Baume & Mercier Linea and it doesn't look huge on my weirdly tiny wrists. Love it.

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