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Flaky sore itchy EYELIDS

(36 Posts)
wiltingfast Mon 05-Feb-18 13:40:56

Any tips? V sore. They seem swollen and there's a line of redness where the eyelid folds over itself iykwim. You can't really see it weirdly but it is SORE.

I suspect a eye makeup remover which I had taken to using. It was new to regime and has now been banished! No improvement though, am just at a loss at what I can do to speed up healing?

It's not blepharitis, have had that. A v distinct line of soreness across each eyelid.

Did I mention it is sore???!!


LaBrujaPiruja Mon 05-Feb-18 23:43:05

Could it be lichen simplex, related to atopic dermatitis?
I had a bout of that a few years ago, really itchy and sore, purple and tender, while I was holidaying in Italy. A local dermatologist prescribed an ophthalmic hydrocortisone ointment as 'shock' treatment and alternating two other eye creams in order to avoid major 'attacks'. Palpebral (Laboratoires SVR) and Rheacalm Eyes (A-Derma Pierre Fabre). Both creams are (very) difficult to find here but easily available from pharmacies and online sellers in Italy, France or Spain.

flamingnoravera Tue 06-Feb-18 00:22:43

Do you use YSL touché eclat? It's known to cause contact dermatitis in some people.

MinesaPinot Tue 06-Feb-18 08:58:11

I am just getting over the very same thing, and mine was caused by a new eye make up remover (Boots No. 7 I'm looking at you....). I went to see the pharmacist who said she couldn't recommend anything because it was on the eyelid. She suggested doctors if it didn't improve.

I've left off using any make upon my eyelids, and just wearing mascara which I take off using a make up remover cloth that I bought - you only need to soak it in warm water and then gently rub over the eyes in a circular motion, and it takes everything off. Thankfully mine seem to be healing now, but by god was it sore and itchy.

Make up remover has been donated to work colleague who uses it without any problems. Interestingly though, she said that another friend of hers had had the same reaction, despite it having been a standby for years. Same as my experience, it was always my Go To when I couldn't afford Clinique Take the Day Off. I suspect a formula change has been made.

HeyMacWey Tue 06-Feb-18 10:57:57

I had sore eyelids from using a cerave face wash.

I stopped wearing makeup on my eyes and used regular aveeno hand cream on them and it sorted them out a treat. Only took a few days.

Bloomed Tue 06-Feb-18 10:59:46

Could it be blepharitis?

ForgivenessIsDivine Tue 06-Feb-18 11:01:15

Stop all eye make up and use a simple but think moisturiser... Weleda skin food helps all outbreaks in our house..

wiltingfast Tue 06-Feb-18 14:01:07

No, I don't use touche eclat. Pretty sure really it was the garnier eye makeup remover. BUT have also been using nyx cream sticks for eyeshadow, might be them either.

Might be the lichen simplex alright. I've 2 raised red and itchy ridges where the eyelid folds over. The itchiness goes right up to the eyebrows.

Pretty sure, it's not blepharitis. Have chronic dry eyes and unfortunately know exactly what blepharitis is sad

Put la roche posay b5 lip balm on it yesterday in desperation. Feels a bit better. But still v itchy if I touch it at all.

Thanks for the input everyone. Might get some weleda skinfood. Also heard calendula cream?

Bombardier25966 Tue 06-Feb-18 14:56:03

Another recommendation for Aveeno.

I wouldn't put Skin Food on eyes.

newsparklythings Tue 06-Feb-18 16:26:02

You could try pure shea butter, I have sensitive skin and it fixes all manner of ills (bay - usually a beige lump in a pot, a tiny amount goes a very long way)

eloisesparkle Tue 06-Feb-18 17:23:36

As someone who found every eye make up remover stung or caused swelling and redness which I scratched, I have found the holy grail of eye make up removers- Clinique ultra gentle creamy lotion.
It gets in my eyes like all the others but never stings.
A miracle.

The ones used previously were recommended on Mumsnet but stung like billyo : La Roche Posay
Body Shop Camomile
Various Micellar waters.

Clinique - no stinging.

clatteringhooves Tue 06-Feb-18 18:33:17

I get this from certain brands, I think it's contact dermatitis. Eurax HC is very effective at clearing it up. GP recommended only use it sparingly and for a few days but it works and you can buy it over the counter.

Teetotal2018 Tue 06-Feb-18 18:52:35

Get some sweet almond oil from Holland and Barrett - it’s got rid of my life long eczema

juneau Tue 06-Feb-18 18:54:59

I would go and see your doctor. This could be any number of things and you'll need the right cream to sort it out. Don't just go rubbing random stuff on skin around your eyes, which is already inflamed and sore.

doradoo Tue 06-Feb-18 18:54:59

I had something similar last year and the only thing that sorted it was olive oil rubbed on several times a day. No trouble since, I think my problem was a combination of too many products and stress, but all clear now.

Teetotal2018 Tue 06-Feb-18 18:56:53

juneau I agree see a doctor first!

But bear in mind the topical creams they hand out don’t always work! I had 20 years of creams that didnt work given to me by doctors...

BusterGonad Tue 06-Feb-18 19:01:04

Oh god, I had this for months. I mean months!!! So sore and inflamed, I looked so terrible, wether it's a coincidence or not but what cleared it up for me was The Body Shop aloe Vera eye cream (with live cultures, argh I can't think what they are called!) I bought the whole skin routine minus the toner and I used the cream cleanser. My eyes cleared up within a week BUT it could've been a coincidence. I always fear it coming back, I've had eczema patches around my eyes on and off too. Max Factor eye concealers cause me flare ups too.

mintich Tue 06-Feb-18 19:03:35

Blepharitis isn't on the eyelid, it's on the lid margin.
As it has been irritated, just use the gentlest moisturiser you can or Vaseline but use a cotton but to apply it so it doesn't get it your eyes. As your eyelid is so thin it's gets sore easily but is best left mostly alone

BusterGonad Tue 06-Feb-18 19:08:51

I went to the doctors about mine, and I felt like such a fool, it wasn't Blepharitis and all she suggested was E45 which is shite, I really wouldn't recommend Vaseline as its full of petroleum which isn't good especially for sore delicate eyelids. Go as natural as you can.

QuilliamCakespeare Tue 06-Feb-18 19:12:27

My friend had this for ages, tried loads of prescription creams to no avail. She cut out dairy and it disappeared within 2 weeks. Only comes back now if she accidentally eats some.

peoplearepeople Tue 06-Feb-18 21:45:45

Don't discount the idea of it being the nyx eyeshadow. I get what you are describing with almost all cream eyeshadows nowadays. It's a shame as stick eyeshadows tend to be my favourite type. sad
ByTerry ombre blackstar sticks and Laura mercier caviar sticks are the only ones that work for me now and don't irritate like this.
It's strange as my eyes always used to be fine. Mac paint pots were always my go to for eyeshadow, and now I have a large collection that are just unwearable.

Awks Tue 06-Feb-18 21:48:14

I get this with glittery eyeshadows so cant use them. Dermatologist prescribed protopic after years of sore, flaky, swollen eyelids and now all is fine.

BusterGonad Tue 06-Feb-18 23:16:38

Oh people I use the Terry Ombré BlackStar too and they've caused no issue at all, I no longer wear concealer on my eyelids, just some primer and foundation. I use various eyeshadows (powders) usually Chanel, Pupa, or Dior and I no longer wear any Max Factor foundations or concealers. My foundation is either Dior, Benefit or Clinique BB. Touch wood I'm ok with all of those.

BusterGonad Tue 06-Feb-18 23:17:30

And the Rosie for Autograph Terry knock offs are brilliant too!

rubybleu Wed 07-Feb-18 07:41:19

Use a tiny bit of hydrocortisone (apply with a cotton bud stick) and then cover in Vaseline or paw paw ointment. Vaseline is an occlusive and will give the skin a break to recover by sealing in what little moisture there is.

Got this last year in winter; this was the only thing that fixed it.

I have been using The Ordinary squalane oil on my eyelids and around the crease of my ear lobes to ward off eczema this year which has worked really well, if you don’t fancy the above!

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