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'Business' backpack

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TheMogget Mon 05-Feb-18 11:04:55

Does anyone have and can recommend a smart rucksack? I am on the trains a lot and need laptop, water, shoes etc with me. Currently use a nice roomy Jasper Conran/Tripp bag with a shoulder strap but it's heavy (because I cart a lot of stuff around with me) and I'm not sure it's doing my shoulders much good.


MontyPythonsFlyingFuck Mon 05-Feb-18 17:42:41

I work for a big professional services firm, and Knomo are definitely the smart backpacks of choice. I have one that has lasted around 7 years of pretty heavy use and is still fine. They don't make mine any more but here's their current range:

rabbitsandrhubarb Mon 05-Feb-18 18:29:41

I second Knomo backpacks - I can fit laptop, water, change of clothing, note book etc in mine, gets heavy use and still looks smart even though it is one of their less expensive fabric type ones rather than the full leather.

TheMogget Mon 05-Feb-18 18:35:41

Thanks, I've been looking at Knomo on and off but can't find one I love and for those prices I'd need to really like it!
Do you find people tend to have the leather ones or material?

Laska5772 Mon 05-Feb-18 18:41:01

I use a Jaeger Hix roomy and lightweight but also quite stylish I think ..

MontyPythonsFlyingFuck Mon 05-Feb-18 22:47:41

Definitely most people have the fabric ones. The Beauchamp ones are very popular in my office, but seem to be out of stock on the website.

MontyPythonsFlyingFuck Mon 05-Feb-18 22:48:45

Just had a quick look on ebay and there seem to be quite a few there.

wellhonestly Mon 05-Feb-18 22:51:01

If you have a TK Maxx near you, their bags are often very good, I saw a lovely leather backpack in the Edinburgh shop this week.

XmasInTintagel Mon 05-Feb-18 22:54:31

I have a pretty cheap one, but black with turquoise lining, plenty big enough and padded to hold laptop, and smart (several people have asked where I got it). Its lasted 3 years and counting.. Will try to find what it was...

XmasInTintagel Mon 05-Feb-18 23:08:37

Well, it was £20 when I got one, has gone up to £50+ now, they must have realised it was good!:

Penguinssuck Mon 05-Feb-18 23:42:17

I got mine a while ago from Crumpler and very happy with it

Marv1nGay3 Mon 05-Feb-18 23:45:36

Cambridge satchel company do some nice leather ones.

Arkengarthdale Mon 05-Feb-18 23:50:28

That's terrific XmasinTintagel

Catinthecorner Tue 06-Feb-18 01:13:16

I just use a osprey backpack. Husband has a north face one. Both black, fairly inconspicuous, dedicated laptop sleeve, spacious and can fit under an airline seat. I could do a short business trip or longer casual trip with mine but it’s not bulky

TheMogget Tue 06-Feb-18 18:24:06

Ooh just spotted this Moleskine bag on another thread which looks nice, although OOS. One to keep an eye on though perhaps.

chickenqueen Tue 06-Feb-18 19:51:15

Recommened this on another thread - very smart, had a laptop compartment and has comfy straps

specialsubject Tue 06-Feb-18 19:56:47

No hip belts and lots of unnecessary weight in decorations . never buy anything aimed at women if there's a choice.

TheMogget Tue 06-Feb-18 22:05:22

I like the Wenger one, thanks Chicken will see if I can have a look at one at JL.

cactusbutt Wed 07-Feb-18 05:50:26

I have a Fossil backpack in cognac leather. I wear it to ride to work with my laptop and take on work trips regularly. It's great, stylish, roomy but not bulky and easily fits a Macbook, notepad and a Kindle plus all the other bits I cart around with me.

stayingaliveisawayoflife Wed 07-Feb-18 06:44:29

I am in love with my back pack! It is quite heavy and was quite expensive at £250 but I have finally completed my quest for my perfect bag!

MardAsSnails Wed 07-Feb-18 06:55:11

I use this this as my work bag, hand luggage for traveling, any time I can justify using it. I have it in grey and it's really comfy. Doesn't have a waterproof cover unlike some of the other Mont Blanc ones though, but Where i live I get probably 5-6 days of a rain a year so doesn't matter

My knomo one finally looked trashed after 9 years - it was awesome.

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