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'heavy' material dresses to wear with tights -

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PlaymobilPirate Sun 04-Feb-18 22:52:35

What am i looking for???

I'm a bit chunky (size 14 - was 16/18 and still losing weight) and short at 5'2"

I used to have a thick relaxed shift dress that I felt hoped looked ok on. I think the heavier material was quite good at covering my lumpy bits.

But... I don't know what material it was or if heavier fabrics really are better on chunkier bodies like mine??

Cavender Mon 05-Feb-18 02:08:18

Better quality fabric can certainly make a difference to how a dress looks.

A slip underneath can also make a huge difference.

Silverstreaks Mon 05-Feb-18 10:45:27

That is a difficult one to answer. As Cavender said its about the quality of the fabric. I have well hanging dresses made of viscose, cotton, modal, silk and polyester. Any of those fabrics can look dreadful if they are thin but all work well of they are weighty.

I've got a couple of Mary Portas dresses from years ago that still feel and look great. Heavy fabric in forgiving cuts. I've looked and there are some in your size on Ebay.

Sainsbury is a good option for workwear with heavier fabrics and they change their stock frequently so its worth keeping an eye on.

You're going to have to feel an awful lot of fabric to find what you need. Brands are no indication of quality, they'll all try to palm off cheap fabric as high end.

Whyarethebestnamestaken Mon 05-Feb-18 11:35:41

What I find helps is to wear a longline vest underneath maybe in a size smaller than you would normally wear. It makes you look more streamlined and covers any bumpy bits.

Matalan longline vest are only £4 and come down to mid thigh.

Lifeofpies Mon 05-Feb-18 12:17:54

Depending on your budget... I wear a lot of Hobbs dresses, not the jersey ones (dislike jersey). I have a chunky knitted dress and some tunic dresses that hang really well (this one ) . Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I find them flattering on my size 14 hourglass shape, especially when I need to downplay my boobs a bit!

drspouse Mon 05-Feb-18 12:22:46

Would Ponte Roma fit the bill? It's stretchy (slightly) but thicker and more shaped.

PETRONELLAS Mon 05-Feb-18 12:29:12

Boden do a lot of ponte material which is the thickest I’ve found that also has some stretch.
Warehouse have some tunic/skater style in thick fabric too but the high neck doesn’t suit me and I’m very fussy about if the fabric will fade.
Phase Eight are sometimes cut well with good lining or stretch and some weight.

drspouse Mon 05-Feb-18 12:52:09

I'm also chunky and short (bit taller and size 12-14) and skater dresses do me NO favours whatsoever, I've noticed they don't really help anyone with even very slightly chunky thighs.

Piffpaffpoff Mon 05-Feb-18 12:55:00

I’m a similar size and a few dresses made out of Ponte fabric. It’s great, sort of skims over the body in shape but not super-clingy. From Boden.

SnippitySnappity Mon 05-Feb-18 12:56:19

yes same size here, getting triangular these days, boden ponte/denim/corduroy and i've had luck with seasalt although boden prob. more flattering. Hobbs are good, but I agree with drspouse, the a line works only if it's not very a line otherwise just emphasises the bottom half!

ViceAdmiralAmilynHoldo Mon 05-Feb-18 13:05:45

Seasalt's quite good for this. Boden if you're lucky, but you don't get to feel the fabric before you buy so make sure you get a 'free returns' code.

crackerjacket Mon 05-Feb-18 17:44:50

That green Boden dress is lovely.

Pepperedbeef Mon 05-Feb-18 17:51:24

Yumi do great wrap dresses, lots of extra pleats coming down from shoulders to make sure the wrap actually covers boobs. Bit of draping at tum too. Fairly clingy material but the cut does the hard work.

exexpat Mon 05-Feb-18 17:51:38

Uniqlo have one very similar to the Boden dress linked above.

PlaymobilPirate Mon 05-Feb-18 19:39:41

This is lovely to come back to today. Thanks everyone. It's Ponte I've been trying to think of I think! Will have a rummage through the links once ds is in bed.

I wish sites had places for real women yo upload pics of them in their clothes... I can never imagine what stuff will look like on me.

PETRONELLAS Mon 05-Feb-18 20:04:32

Monsoon also have a few knitted dresses each season. They seem to have washed and worn really well.,mon_1.2/4413880108
And in the past I’ve found White Stuff and Fat Face to have a longish tunic style in nice thick material but the ‘laundered’ style is so not me!

PlaymobilPirate Tue 06-Feb-18 17:05:03

Going to spend some time and hopefully some cash tonight going through your suggestions.

Girlwhowearsglasses Tue 06-Feb-18 17:13:25

Whatever you buy it will look better with a proper slip underneath. Unless it’s a dress with a lining already in which case it will look fine.

Marks and Spencer do different length slips with a v Neck and round neck (reversible).

Also v useful if you buy a shirt dress because they sometimes come undone —--said from bitter experience--

I have flesh coloured and black ones. Summer dresses hang better too

Girlwhowearsglasses Tue 06-Feb-18 17:15:32

Here you go - they stop dresses clinging to tights too

carriewintermeadow Thu 08-Feb-18 12:49:27

I have one from H&M basics range in grey, it's very simple, but in quite heavy jersey. I wear it with leggings. I'm 5'7 and it's just above knee length on me.

ginorwine Fri 09-Feb-18 14:50:44

Also cos is good .

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