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Is there a Tretinoin/Retin A thread?

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Shitmyhairdressersays Thu 01-Feb-18 13:35:04

I've searched but can't find a current one. I've just started on 0.05 once a week

cessie322 Thu 01-Feb-18 14:16:20

I don't think there is. I've been using the 0.025 since September and am now moving up to the 0.05. I've really seen a difference since I started using it.

Shitmyhairdressersays Thu 01-Feb-18 16:16:47

Cessie how often are you using it? I'm doing mine on a Sunday but itching to do more.

barbitarojo Thu 01-Feb-18 16:23:41

There is a thread called 'Best starter retinol product. sorry I don't know how to link, it's on the third or fourth page of style and beauty. some good advice on there.

cessie322 Thu 01-Feb-18 18:43:09

I was up to about 4 nights a week on the 0.025. Sometimes it would be a bit flakey but most of the time it was fine. I got it in Spain and prior to the 0.025% I got the 1.0 and it was a disaster. I posted here at the time. After that I got the 0.025 and worked my way up. In the meantime I had been waiting to see a dermatologist and I only had the appointment on Tuesday. I told her I'd got the Retin A and she said to stick with it as it's working but to try and move up to the 0.05. She's given me tips on how to move up but I used it Tuesday and I'm quite dry now so we'll see how it goes. Take it easy with it, it's very tempting to dive in but it won't help.

cessie322 Thu 01-Feb-18 18:45:45

Thanks barbitarojo, I'll take a look at that, it might help with the moving to the 0.05.

dontbesillyhenry Wed 14-Feb-18 20:05:36

Where do you buy this please? My husband has the most awful wrinkles you could imagine do you think it would help?

dontbesillyhenry Fri 16-Feb-18 16:44:11

Bump anyone

Wellhellothere1 Fri 16-Feb-18 17:41:54

dontbesillyhenry it’s a prescription only medicine in the U.K. so he would need to get it on prescription probably from a private dermatologist as most GPs don’t prescribe topical retinoids here. Alternatively you can buy it over the counter in Spanish countries (that’s where I get mine. I buy three tubes at a time every time I’m on holiday). I’ve also bought some online from Pharmacy Geoff and they supply foreign creams. They’ve always been fine however no guarantees there.
It does work but it takes time. If his wrinkles bother him he’s probably better off with Botox.

SarahSea1 Fri 16-Feb-18 18:07:35

May I get some guidance, please? Apologies to OP for high-jacking. I want to try it for anti-ageing - is it just Tretinoin I look for or a different formulation containing added ingredients? Pharmacy Geoff stocks a gel and a cream (any difference?) both of which reference acne so do I assume it won't have any added antibiotics etc? Finally, I would happily get it on private prescription but don't want to waste time/money seeing a private dermo first - is there an online private prescription service in the UK that would write it (for a fee, obvs)?

Wellhellothere1 Fri 16-Feb-18 22:11:03

Tretinoin is the drug name and Retin A is the brand name and when you search for it on pharmacy Geoff you will only see creams or gel containing tretinoin. They don't contain antibiotics. I have used gel and cream and I find I tolerate the cream much better even though I have oily skin. I don't know about an online GP prescribing it. My GP said it should only be prescribed by a hospital dermatologist but that's maybe just where I stay (Scotland). It's only licensed in the UK for acne so regardless your GP will only prescribe it for you if you have acne.

SarahSea1 Sat 17-Feb-18 06:16:21

Thanks so much, Well. Will give Pharmacy Geoff a go.

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