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Soprano ice laser hair removal

(13 Posts)
Babybabybaby99 Wed 31-Jan-18 22:30:36

Anyone done it? Was it painfree? Did it work?

I have the “right” hair / skin type for laser and really want to try on my incredibly hairy legs. No idea where to start looking for somewhere reputable though!

Babybabybaby99 Thu 01-Feb-18 09:07:58


barbitarojo Thu 01-Feb-18 09:13:59

Have you though about using the tria at home laser?
I don't know how it compares with at salon treatments but iv used it on my legs and am almost completely hair free, just the odd one or two keeps popping up.
downside is that it does take a long time to do one leg as the treatment area is small.
sorry couldn't help with advice on ice laser.

Babybabybaby99 Thu 01-Feb-18 22:10:20

barbitarojo - I’ve thought loads about that - but I thought it wasn’t permanent and you had to do it every week (or month?) to keep up? I’d love a permanent solution! But maybe I’m wrong about the at-home one??

chocoshopoholic Fri 02-Feb-18 06:59:28

I've had a patch test with the soprano ice platinum last week. Booked in for my first treatment next week.

Patch test didn't hurt at all.

Babybabybaby99 Fri 02-Feb-18 08:53:18

chocoshopoholic - Ooh great to hear! Would love to hear back. I am going to book in a patch test also. I want this winter to be when I finally just get it done!

barbitarojo Sun 04-Feb-18 11:46:17

I have been doing it every fortnight for three months and only the odd hair left on my lower legs now so I'm hoping I don't have to do for much longer.
It did take me an hour to do both lower legs each time and it would be much quicker going into a salon to have someone else do it for you and probably wouldn't take half as long but the results are great, no hair left at all on the underarms either, it seemed to work quickest there.

chocoshopoholic Thu 08-Feb-18 07:17:35

I had the first session yesterday. Started very cold but didn't hurt at all. Warmed up as we went on. Felt more like a tingling than pain. No swelling, redness or anything like that either last night or this morning.

Too soon to say anything about results.
Next session is in 6 weeks.

PrancingQueen Thu 08-Feb-18 07:29:17

I had candela(sp?) laser in a salon. I heard it was much better than IPL which was more common at the time. - I was half yeti btw, and it’s been brilliant.
No hair removal is permanent, and 7 years later I need a top up as a few have grown back, but softer and finer.
I may get a home laser as there isn’t too much to do!
Go for it OP, you won’t regret it.

Babybabybaby99 Sat 17-Feb-18 08:36:11

chocoshopoholic - Ooh thanks for reporting back! I still haven’t booked a trial. (Well, I did and then I had to cancel. Kids!) But I am desperate to get it done. My legs are extremely hairy - way more than average.

prancing - thank you! Less hairs and less painful waxing makes it seem so worth it!

Swimmingmadly Sat 17-Feb-18 08:46:09

I mulled about doing it for ages and eventually had my bikini line done 2 years ago. It is fantastic. 2 years on I am still hair free - I’m now having my legs done. I have a VERY low pain threshold and did not find it painful at all. Go for it!

Babybabybaby99 Thu 22-Feb-18 08:17:33

Can I just ask about cost? My local salon charges £550 per session for a full leg. That feels expensive! There are cheaper packages, but does that seem average? (I’ve been trying to google other salon costs - and don’t know if it’s a “get what you pay for” kind of thing.)

KimchiLaLa Thu 22-Feb-18 08:40:16

I've booked in for a consultation next week

I had candela before my wedding which did work but post pregnancy some pesky facial hair is back.

I am going to a courthouse cljnic as there is one near me and a friend recommended it. Here are their costs but I haven't used them yet so can't recommend - I'll let you know how it goes

At the other salon I paid £80 per session for chin and sides of face, I think this one works out cheaper as I'll also be doing my upper lip.

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