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Doctors tests - what to ask for? (hair related)

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HairBlues Wed 24-Jan-18 11:53:04

I used to have thick, straight hair from baby up until age 13 then it all went downhill sad It's thin, fine, weak and straggly. It has changed not just thickness but texture as well. I haven't got bald patches or female pattern baldness, it's just thin and weak all over. At least I don't have bare scalp to cover but there's not enough even for a ponytail despite it being shoulder length. Think the tiny little ponytails toddlers have but longer hair. I usually just clip it up as it's the only way it looks reasonable (and like I say I don't have bald patches <yet> but it's getting worse.

Looking at the strands of hair, it starts off OKish at the scalp then just fizzles out to nothing. There's no volume, no bounce, nothing. Rats tails.

I have been back and forth to the doctors as an adult thinking it might be thyroid related and although my levels are low they are within normal range. I used to be fairly anaemic but they put that down being after pregnancy.

I've now found out that it's not just iron but ferritin levels that are linked to hair growth, so you can be not anaemic but lacking in ferritin so your hair doesn't grow as it should.

I can't help thinking that it's related to this. I have heavy periods and my hair changed at the age I started my periods (13).

So I'm going back to the doctors to ask for more tests. I already know I need iron and ferritin levels checking but what else? Apparently iodine levels can be related, is that testable? Vitamin D? Kelp? Biotin? The last time I went in (6 months ago) I explained my problems (tired, hair thin as anything, brittle nails, permanently cracked heels and hands so dry they split constantly) all of which point to a thyroid issue but no, apparently within normal levels. I now find out that they didn't test my iron that time (although surely linked in with tired and hair loss). When you ring for results they just say "all within normal levels" so it was only last week when I thought maybe iron, I asked for my specific iron result and they said it hadn't been tested.

Just want to make sure I ask for the right tests this time round.

does anyone know what else I should ask them to test me for?

Thanks in advance smile

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