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Does anyone know what this style of dress is called please?

(14 Posts)
NoFucksImAQueen Tue 23-Jan-18 10:38:06

This ones out of stock and I have no idea what to google to find similar

NoFucksImAQueen Tue 23-Jan-18 10:38:40

To be clear I want one that goes under your boobs like that one

blueskypink Tue 23-Jan-18 10:40:27

Pinafore dress?

SwinginFromTheChandelier Tue 23-Jan-18 10:41:20


ItsAHardKn0ckLife1 Tue 23-Jan-18 10:42:12

Try underbust pinafore dress smile

ZaZathecat Tue 23-Jan-18 11:08:23

I got this by googling 'lace waist pinafore dress'.

Getabloominmoveon Tue 23-Jan-18 11:15:20

Look up dirndl dress?

NoFucksImAQueen Tue 23-Jan-18 11:23:21

Underbust pinafore was the closest but mainly gothic steampunk styles and nothing similar to what I'd like sad
Dirndl was all Octoberfest fancy dress stuff

blueskypink Tue 23-Jan-18 11:30:15

Don't mention it op .....

ItsAHardKn0ckLife1 Tue 23-Jan-18 12:59:16

bluesky grin

CuckooCuckooClock Tue 23-Jan-18 13:18:56

NoFucksImAQueen Tue 23-Jan-18 15:01:40

Sorry bluesky 😄

NoFucksImAQueen Tue 23-Jan-18 15:02:15

Love that alexa one but way over my budget ☹️

FormerlyFrikadela01 Tue 23-Jan-18 17:29:50

High waist pinafore dress maybe????

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