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Pyjamas for tall, skinny DD (10yo)

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WhereAreWeNow Tue 23-Jan-18 09:41:43

I'm really struggling to find any that fit. I used to get her nice H&M ones but she's now into the older girls range and I can't find anything nice.

Everything is either too short or huge around the waist and just fall straight down.


StarShapedWindow Tue 23-Jan-18 09:57:07

I have the same problem with my 10yr old DS. I buy the Boden Long John style pyjamas, one size above he’s age, they are the right length and don’t fall down.

Starlight2345 Tue 23-Jan-18 09:59:10

I have a DS the same.. I find onsies simply work the best.
Pj's just tend to be short on ankles by the time they fit.

ForEverlong Tue 23-Jan-18 09:59:40

Hatley? They’re good for skinny frame but you’ll need to size up as they come up small

WhereAreWeNow Tue 23-Jan-18 13:36:00

Thanks. I might try Hatley. I thought Boden were generally quite generous on the waistband.

MinnieMinchkin Tue 23-Jan-18 13:54:53

She might just have to get used to it. I don't wear long pyjamas as they are annoyingly too short on the leg, so I wear shorts-style or nighties. I'm not even 5' 7" FFS. <not helpful - sorry>

WhereAreWeNow Wed 24-Jan-18 10:28:55

Minnie I know, I have the same problem (5'8") but I've just discovered Next do tall and extra tall PJs which fit brilliantly. Sadly they don't do different lengths for kids though.

MinnieMinchkin Wed 24-Jan-18 12:32:28

Thanks for the tip. Will bear that in mind when I need new ones smile

MrsAlwaysRight Wed 24-Jan-18 21:43:02

My eldest is exactly the same. I've recently bought her some from polarn o pyret which are just small enough on the waist to stay up but are a good length and also have cuffs on both the top and bottoms which can be unfolded as they grow. I'm hoping because of this they'll last longer. Quite expensive but the quality seems good so far.

WhereAreWeNow Thu 25-Jan-18 11:57:57

Great tip. Thanks. I'll check them out.

Maccapacca88 Thu 25-Jan-18 13:06:24

How tall are we talking? Primark do a womens size 4 if that would work?

WhereAreWeNow Thu 25-Jan-18 14:35:40

She's just under 5". I reckon women's ones would fit lengthwise but they'd be enormous on her waist. She's like a beanpole!

Butterfly1975 Thu 25-Jan-18 16:50:01

Next pjs are good for my tall, skinny DD. She's 10 and wearing age 11-12 yrs but they are long enough and narrow around the waist. M&S are hit and miss as the last pair I bought her from there were massive around the waist!

WhereAreWeNow Tue 30-Jan-18 16:22:37

Just measured her and she's 4'11" (all legs) and has a 20 inch waist.

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