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Daily UVA and UVB Protection

(16 Posts)
IcelandicWarriors Mon 22-Jan-18 21:21:47

I'm 40 in three weeks and am now worried I haven't been doing daily sun protection correctly.

I use a moisturiser with SPF such as Number 7 P&P and then sunscreen in the summer. I now want all year round protection.

Do people just use moisturiser or do you also add sun screen daily? Do you reapply during sunnier days? Does it have UVB protection? What do you use all year round?

It's very confusing.

Threeminis Mon 22-Jan-18 21:27:36

I can't help I'm afraid but I'm interested in the answers.

I was given some of 'the ordinary' products at Christmas but I'm concerned to use them as they state to use an spf alongside.

Sorry for the blatant jump in on your thread op

JDSTER Mon 22-Jan-18 21:38:24

I use a separate sunscreen daily (wish I’d done it years ago, knowing what I know now). I wait maybe 10 mins or so after moisturiser (no spf). You should use 1/4 teaspoon on your face, which is quite a bit. All dermatologists recommend separate sunscreen. Moisturiser with spf just doesn’t cut it. You need full UVA (present on cloudy days so not related to how sunny it is at all) and UVB protection. If I’m on holiday I would reapply (every two hours or after swimming) but realistically day to day I wouldn’t reapply spf because I have makeup on. You can get spray spf that are suitable for use with makeup on to ‘top up’ during the day.
Japanese SPFs are cosmetically very elegant. Light, non greasy and excellent UVA protection. Very cheap to buy on eBay from Japanese sellers. I like Biore UV bright milk spf 50 (pink bottle) or Biore UV aqua rich watery essence (blue tube)

JDSTER Mon 22-Jan-18 21:41:52

Following on from threeminis, if you’ve got acids or retinoid from TO its so important to use an spf. They make your skin much more susceptible to skin damage so any good work from the products is cancelled out a hundred fold by the long term skin ageing that will happen- the very thing we are trying to counteract smile

IcelandicWarriors Mon 22-Jan-18 21:43:13

Thank you for the Info.

Worried about the damage I've done to my skin. I don't wear sunglasses either because I am under 5 foot and they all look too big. I need to find some small ones. Even the Monkey ones from Boots are big 😕.

Not keen on buying stuff from cheap sellers as I'm worried about animal testing.

JDSTER Mon 22-Jan-18 21:46:13

I’m not sure in the animal testing thing to be honest. It’s not about the cheap sellers, it’s an inexpensive product that is highly popular in Japan, it’s whether Biore themselves test. I’m sure a quick google would confirm

Honeycake50 Mon 22-Jan-18 21:47:00

JDSTER do you still wear SPF daily even though there is not much sunshine or any most of the time during the winter months?

miffy2 Mon 22-Jan-18 21:48:32

Eucerin state that they do not test on animals. I use a great SPF30 by them that works well under makeup and even though it looks a little bit white on application, it settles in really quickly. Doesn't pill up and doesn't leave you looking like Casper.

I buy mine from iHerb, this is the link to it (no affiliation) - it will probably come up in € pricing rather than £ as I am in Ireland:

JDSTER Mon 22-Jan-18 21:53:41

Yes honey UVA is present all year round. A phrase ‘unless you live in a cave’ was mentioned on a skincare thread I’m on grin. I use acids and a retinoid. No way I’m not using spf on my face. It’s a matter of a minute to apply, non greasy and light- the ones I mentioned above -and miffy mentions an alternative.

ArkAtEee Mon 22-Jan-18 21:55:53

I wear SPF every day and have done for 10 years +. This is partly because of medications I take that make me more vulnerable to skin cancer, but I started doing it before I started on the meds. I use a higher factor in the summer. I reapply on areas likely to be rubbed off or common sunburn areas e.g. nose, round mouth (eating).
I am also quite small, Specsavers do a petite range which might help. Big sunglasses are good though because they cover a larger area so less need to squint.

mintbiscuit Mon 22-Jan-18 21:57:01

As JDSTER says UVA is present all year round. These rays cause wrinkles. I wear spf 50 even if I'm not going out. (Uva can penetrate glass).

It's just habit and part of my routine now.

IcelandicWarriors Mon 22-Jan-18 22:02:29

I have 40 years of squinting. I'm doomed arnt I?

Elocutioner Mon 22-Jan-18 22:04:52

Another vote for Biore Watery Essence. It sinks straight in and isn't oily so why wouldn't you?

I admit I'm less careful in the winter, especially if I'm working from home and unlikely to spend much time outside

CoconutAmericano Mon 22-Jan-18 22:33:16

I too wear Biore Watery Essence all year round. It’s unlike any other sunscreen I’ve ever used in that it provides factor 50 uva and uvb protection but isnt thick and white. It actually is quite watery!

wontonsoup Tue 23-Jan-18 03:08:09

I used to love Biore but then realised that I still tan (slightly) with it, so I'm dubious about the level of protection it offer. And I used shitloads each time and reapplied frequently, wasn't out in the sun, it was in Newcastle too!

NewYearNiki Tue 23-Jan-18 03:21:54

I've been using no7 face cream with spf and clinique city block spf40 for about ten years all year round.

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