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Anyone else have bad luck with wool?

(8 Posts)
HughLauriesStubble Sat 13-Jan-18 22:55:50

Any £20-£30 wool jumper I've ever bought has either shrunk up or gone out of shape/wobbly after a few wears, despite following washing instructions and not tumble drying. I recently splashed out on a gorgeous merino jumper that cost almost £50 and was so careful with it, but a handful of wears later and I have discovered a hole up near the shoulder hmm

Ironically, I have a few cardis that I bought for a tenner in Primark that are still going strong ages later (although I know that these are more than likely not made from actual wool).

Is it just me? Or is there some secret trick I'm missing out on?

FacelikeaBagofHammers Sat 13-Jan-18 22:59:32

I have a merino wool jumper from Icebreaker that is 7 years old and looks as good as new. I think you really need to check for 100% wool and only hand wash (though icebreaker tops are fine for washing machine)

I actually just returned a top from Whistles that was 77% wool. It didn't survive the first wash!

RaindropsAndSparkles Sat 13-Jan-18 23:00:29

Hand wash in luke warm water, rinse, fabric condition, squeeze, flat on rack on a towel for 24 hours, after wster absorbed, flat on a rack. When dry a wsrm iron no steam. You csnnot machine wash pure wool whatever the label says.

jamandpeonies Sat 13-Jan-18 23:11:59

Wool needs to be washed in 'blood temperature' and the shock of too hot or cold water will cause it to shrink. Most items can be washed in a machine if it has a wool wash setting, I do all mine on a handwash setting but some machines might rinse in cold water so try with something your not worried about first. Anything other than wool wash can destroy it (including fabric softener).

Re. primark cardis, they are likely to be polyester/man-made fibres so yes, will be more hardwearing in that they will never breakdown and stay on the planet forever. A wool item can last a long time with care and when done, is biodegradable.

The hole might be moths? Have you checked anything else for little holes (mainly wool or silk items)?

minniemoll Sat 13-Jan-18 23:14:29

I machine wash hand made woollens regularly, on a hand wash or wool wash cycle, and they're absolutely fine.

JT05 Sun 14-Jan-18 07:45:28

Hand wash in woolite, don’t use conditioner it matts the fibres. Then squeeze excess moisture from the garment, then roll up in a towel ( like a Swiss roll) this will gently absorb the moisture. Dry flat over an airer.
This tried and tested method has been handed down from generations of Scots, who know a thing or two about woollens.
It’s a bit of a faff, but worth it for expensive jumpers. Everything else wool wash in machine, but never any conditioner.

OldJoseph Sun 14-Jan-18 07:59:31

Perhaps you wash them too frequently? Do you wear once then wash or could you eek out the time between washing?
100% acrylic makes me sweat more and would get smelly quicker than 100% wool. However it could stand the rigours of my washing machine.

Tiddlywinks63 Sun 14-Jan-18 08:06:56

Put the jumper in a net washing pouch, use the wool cycle on 30° and a liquid specifically for wool. Dry on a rack. I've been doing this for years for both wool and cashmere and never had a problem. Some of my woolly jumpers are 10+ years old and still look good.

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