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Does anyone have this hairstyle and how do you do it?

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Honey1975 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:04:08

I've been growing my hair for about a year and it's a little shorter than the picture on the left here. I don't have time to manage it daily as it's pretty thick and takes ages to dry. It is looking shapeless, dry and just a mess.

I love the picture on the right but realise this is clearly a just done at the salon shot. My hair is thick and has a natural wave so I could see this working on me although I'm guessing they've used a styling aid on it too.
Has anyone got this style and if so how do you get that wave look? Is it tongs or straighteners?

My hair left to dry naturally would be wavy but would be a frizz bomb not sleek like this.

I'm booked in at hairdressers this week so would appreciate any advice before I go. Really in need of a change.

MissisBoote Sat 13-Jan-18 18:05:48

I use a large barreled curling wand to get that look.
Doesn't take long.
Go for it.

Honey1975 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:07:42

Thank you Missis that's helpful. I don't have one of those. Do you do
it everyday?

PNGirl Sat 13-Jan-18 18:07:49

Same. Longer hair but I use the Cloud 9 waving wand. Straighteners are almost too loose a wave for that look on me.

LockedOutOfMN Sat 13-Jan-18 18:10:11

There's a recent Zoella video where she does similar hair with a large tong. I think it's the one where she does festive make up with bright red lips.

Tatie3 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:10:23

I've just had my hair cut like this today, since your hair has a natural wave you might be able to just scrunch as you blow dry with a bit of styling product.

Honey1975 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:14:39

Tatie are you pleased with it?

NoMoreUsernames Sat 13-Jan-18 18:18:47

I have pretty much that exact same hair style and naturally wavy hair, I use a large barreled tong if I can be bothered, looks ok if I just leave it to dry as well with a bit of styling cream. So much easier than than when it was super long.

Tatie3 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:19:48

I love it, my hair is poker straight and I don't do anything with it so it just hangs. Now it moves and has texture and I think it'll look more up to date and done. It's meant I can cut off the dry bits without the scariness of my hair being too short at the front.

Honey1975 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:20:31

Thanks NoMore could you tell me what styling cream you use as I never seem to have found one that makes any difference to my frizz!

MarkleAndSpencer Sat 13-Jan-18 18:21:39

Oh I've been looking at this hair too OP! Am dithering about what tongs I should get though - I've got a curling wand and always end up singeing my fingers!

Honey1975 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:22:10

Tatie so what did you ask for when you went in today or did you show a pic? Is it one length all over or are there layers?

Honey1975 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:24:08

Markle mine so badly needs cutting & some kind of style. I'm just worried that mine won't actually look like this picture and will just look like I've forgotten to brush my hair😄

ArtisanBaps Sat 13-Jan-18 18:25:50

My hair used to be the same as yours ie a bit wavy and frizzy and I used to use a curling wand or blow dry it straight , which made it really straight and frizzy confused

However it is now naturally very wavy and not frizzy. I haven’t brushed it or blow dried it straight in 18 months. I blot it dry with a t shirt and diffuse it dry without scrunching too much. I don’t use shampoo or conditioner any more but a combined product called New Wash. The waves are crazy- no frizz, just curl.

Might be worth trying something like that as I don’t even need to use a curling wand

Honey1975 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:28:32

Artisan do you use any styling cream or other product?

ArtisanBaps Sat 13-Jan-18 18:31:42

I use a golf ball sized blob of Schwartzkopf Got2B Twisted curling mouse

One the second day I let it get ever so slightly damp in the shower and just diffuse quickly again without scrunching.

Tatie3 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:36:08

I had pics but I asked for a layered angled bob, it's a bit longer at the front and the back is very layered as because my hair is so straight it needs the layers to give it some interest and movement.

Honey1975 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:38:50

Thank you Tatie that's really helpful as I never know how to communicate what I want! I did wonder if it was angled as it's a bit hard to tell from the pic.

Honey1975 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:42:52

I can't wait now. I was in 2 minds about having it cut so much as I do like having longer hair and it's taken me so long to grow it. However today I looked in the mirror and saw a triangular shaped lions mane staring back at me and decided it really needs to go!😄 It's actually dragging my face down. I've been feeling a bit low lately about my appearance so hopefully a new haircut will give me a bit of a boost.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Sat 13-Jan-18 18:44:38

I have thick hair with a natural curl and the only way to get it looking like that is to blow dry it, straighten it and then curl in sections with the straightening iron by twisting it as I pull it through each section.

It's time consuming and Big Effort so it's strictly for special occasions!

Maybe have it cut so that you can still wear it either straight, wavy or up on days you don't want to spend time on it.

IME, there is no cut that will tame frizzy wavy hair, it's got to be wrestled into a style.

mrsmildred Sat 13-Jan-18 18:48:26

Why don't you ask the hairdresser to show you how to do it when you go? Mine showed me how to do curls with a straighter under her supervision - then took over and made it all look 10x better! But the tips from a pro were useful when I went home to practice.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Sat 13-Jan-18 18:48:46

Artisan's method might work if you want to embrace your own natural curl. Google the Curly Girl method for ideas.
If you do have a natural curl you could go with that, using products to define the curls. It just won't be as polished as blow dried, artificially curled hair like the pic, but a lot less work for you.

JustAnIdiot Sat 13-Jan-18 18:53:47

Mine's a shorter version of that - I just scrunch with a bit of curl cream & go - never bother to blow-dry.

I have a bit of a natural wave similar to you - it looks curlier when shorter smile

Mamia15 Sat 13-Jan-18 19:06:02

Try you-tube videos - I have a similar style but with fine straight hair, my method;products would not be suitable for your hair.

DianaT1969 Sat 13-Jan-18 19:29:52

How about getting a Brazilian blow dry to erase the frizz? There are threads about it (keratin treatment).
I have a Babylis Secret Curl which can achieve this look on the cooler, loose wave setting.

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