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Make up for eczema/ acne

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FourOnTheHill Sat 13-Jan-18 12:01:00

I rarely venture onto s&b but here goes- I need recommendations for skincare and makeup. My skin has been very good all my adult life apart from sporadic and local eczema flare ups that usually sort themselves out quite quickly.

I’m now 39 and never expected at this age to suddenly have such awful skin! My cheeks are all red and irritable and I have spots, including one awful thing that’s settled into a big lump. I don’t know what’s causing it, hormones presumably, but I never used to wear any sort of foundation or powder, only eye make up, and I’m realising I can’t go round looking like this indefinitely.

What do you wise people use as a skincare routine for very sensitive eczema and acne prone skin and what makeup can I wear that will cover the red blotchiness without making it worse? I have problems with mineral oils so have to avoid them. I usually stick with Green people cleaner and dr hauschka moisuriser and makeup, but maybe a change would be good.

I remember bare minerals claiming their powder foundation doesn’t block pores. Is that worth a try? Normally I try to solve skin problems rather than cover them up but this isn’t shifting!


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