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Help me stay warm at work!

(15 Posts)
coldfingerscoldheart Sat 13-Jan-18 10:31:18

I've just started a new job and my new work place is freezing! I want a nice, thick black cardigan that will keep me warm, but still look professional. I've trawled around the local shops (M and S, New Look, Next, H and M), but can't find anything remotely suitable.

Please can someone help?! I can't take another week of being so cold!

TolstoyAteMyHamster Sat 13-Jan-18 10:32:46

Can't help with cardigans but I too work in a very cold office. I wear a lot of Uniqlo Heatech under my clothes and have cashmere wrist warmers. And smart scarves too. It's not much fun.

peachypetite Sat 13-Jan-18 10:34:39

I have a big cape/blanket that I got in Matalan.

KeiraTwiceKnightley Sat 13-Jan-18 10:35:54

I've just bought the one in the pic. It's 100% acrylic so will prob bobble horribly but it is warm and not horribly unstylish in the meantime. Amazon.

FaithEverPresent Sat 13-Jan-18 10:49:04

Also invest in some thermal socks. This will help you stay warm!

NeverTooOldForAnything Sat 13-Jan-18 16:31:17

Try Pure Cashmere, they are reasonably priced and I have had some of their jumpers / cardigans for nearly 10 years and they still look pristine

Notonaschoolnight Sat 13-Jan-18 16:31:55

Tolstoy beat me heatech

jamaisjedors Sat 13-Jan-18 16:34:05

Round here (France) a lot of women have ginormous scarves which are as big as blankets. They keep them on the back of their chair for chilly mornings.

I have one for Mondays when my office is freezing. You just drape it round you, then can take it off if you have an appointment or the office warms up.

IPokeBadgers Sat 13-Jan-18 16:51:52

Try Woolovers...various cardigans and jumpers in a wide range of colours....I worked in a freezing victorian building for over a decade and have developed an addiction to their warm knitwear as a coping mechanism. Ponchos and blanket wraps are also a good investment. I also have a comprehensive selection of M&S thermal underwear and heatgen tops to wear as base layers.

FelicityLemon Sat 13-Jan-18 20:02:32

Try a haramaki, I got mine on Amazon but they seem to be reasonably easy to get.

I couldn't believe how warming it was, you can wear it under a dress etc so it doesn't need to be on show.

coldfingerscoldheart Sun 14-Jan-18 09:12:52

Thank you for the ideas everyone! They're all great!

Tortadellanonna Sun 14-Jan-18 09:20:56

How cold is it? If it’s below 16C after the first hour that’s illegal.

LabradorMama Sun 14-Jan-18 09:26:11

M&S do great thermal vests, sleeveless, black, thin material. They do thicker long sleeved versions too. Well worth the investment. Just don’t tumble dry them like I did once shock

Bluedoglead Sun 14-Jan-18 09:27:30

I wear a vest from Marks and Sparks and various cheap cardis from primark.

Amd brogues with socks. I’m always cold when I have heels and just tights on

Bluedoglead Sun 14-Jan-18 09:27:52

X post with Labrador.

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