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I've just ordered this bag, do you think it's nice?

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JessiCake Thu 11-Jan-18 12:49:29

I didn't ask for any Xmas presents from DH this year so I could treat myself to something in the sales.

What do you think of this bag I've just ordered?

I have been craving a nice cross-body bag for about 2 years, I stupidly bought a shoulder one that can't be worn cross-body for my 40th and though I love it I never use it sad

I have rediscovered my love for black bags and I like minimalism.

This one fits the bill in many ways, then! I think I love it but obv only seen it online so far. I can return it if I don't like it enough.

Is it boring though? And does anyone know about Sandro quality? It would have been VERY pricey full-price but if it's nice quality I think the sale price is decent.

I am VERY fussy about bags (getting more so as I get older) so I so rarely find one I like. Cross-body ones in partic as they are often far too hippy-ish/boho for my (very pared-down minimalist) style.

Squ1ggle Thu 11-Jan-18 13:52:25

It's perfectly nice op, possibly a bit plain but if you just want an everyday bag then that's ok

ToftheB Thu 11-Jan-18 14:55:24

I like it! I hope you get lots of use out of it.

PNGirl Thu 11-Jan-18 14:56:14

I love it. Beautiful grain in the leather and looks really classic but has enough of a shape to look designer.

zippyswife Thu 11-Jan-18 14:59:21

I really love that. I have a pared down minimalist style too. In fact my the strap on my black cross body leather bar that I loved (and spent 2 years searching for) broke over Christmas... so I’m on the look out again (but sadly don’t have your budget right now).

RatherBeRiding Thu 11-Jan-18 15:40:54

If you're specifically after a minimalist look, then it looks very classy and a decent shape. I do like a good satchel bag. Personally I prefer the other colour option, but if you want black and pared down - it ticks all the boxes!

smashbake Thu 11-Jan-18 15:45:01

It's very useful. You won't get bored with that.

GlubGlubGlub Thu 11-Jan-18 15:51:39

That’s really nice and such a bargain!

FartsMeanHearts Thu 11-Jan-18 16:00:58

I love it

This is my current black bag:

Shadow1986 Thu 11-Jan-18 16:03:53

Not actually heard of Sandro - maybe just me! If you want people to notice you have a nice new expensive bag then I don’t think it’s particularly noticeable but it’s a nice enough bag and I’m sure it will last ages!

JesusTapdancingChrist Thu 11-Jan-18 16:03:54

I love it.

Simple and stylish and will go with everything. No tacky obvious brand names. Silver hardware which seems to be getting harder and harder to find.

Great bargain. Good job OP 👍.

zippyswife Thu 11-Jan-18 16:06:45

I agree- silver hardware is so hard to find! And I also love that it doesn’t have obvious brand names over it.

zippyswife Thu 11-Jan-18 16:07:07

The Kate spade one is lovely to BTW!

Oly5 Thu 11-Jan-18 16:07:24

Really nice, but prefer the other colour

gingerclementine Thu 11-Jan-18 16:09:39

I like it. Really classic style with good hardware and a good grab handle. It's so hard to find a plain, classic bag. Good find.

ABuckToothedGirlinLuxembourg Thu 11-Jan-18 16:12:37

It’s lovely. Love sandro!

TiffTaffTop Thu 11-Jan-18 16:40:35

Love it in the other colour

Bluntness100 Thu 11-Jan-18 16:46:03

Actually when you first look at it in the pics it looks a but dull, but when you see the model holding it, it's lovely. Definitely a very nice bag.

Doobydoo Thu 11-Jan-18 16:49:38


SandAndSea Thu 11-Jan-18 16:52:07

I like black and minimalism too. My style is a bit more relaxed though. For me, this would be good for a professional environment or job interview.

SandAndSea Thu 11-Jan-18 16:52:46

Scratch that! I wouldn't buy calfskin.

midnightmooch Thu 11-Jan-18 17:29:07

It looks like a bag for more formal occasions - office job? I like it though for that purpose.

Tartyflette Thu 11-Jan-18 17:34:48

Great price. (not sure I'd pay the full price but the sale price is a bargain.)
But a good classy bag and not too large.

MedusaHeads Thu 11-Jan-18 17:36:42

I hate it. It's boring and ridiculously overpriced.

Plus, it's barbaric (made of calfskin) so shame on you.

spinduffy Thu 11-Jan-18 18:06:02

I love it. Sandro is lovely. Great bargain.

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