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Is it easier to handle short hair?

(12 Posts)
WorkingMumOnTheGo Thu 11-Jan-18 10:06:05

I am having my hair cut into an inverted bob (longer at the front so I have a side fringe and super graduated at the back). My hair is very thin so longer hair just doesn't suit me as it looks limp.

I have had short inverted bob before and I loved it (absolutely hated it at first), but once I started styling it myself it turned out really lovely! However I just kept neglecting it and let it grow out cos I couldn't be bothered with my appearance.

Thankfully the hairdresser is still there 6 years later so I am getting it done tomorrow! What is the maintenance like when you have children? I know I shouldn't care either but I am going back to work next weekend and I am a bit worried what people will think.... I also grew my haircut because when I worked as a carer, everyone didn't like it and said that I should have long hair because that is what woman are supposed to have hmm

I know, I should ought to stop caring what people think really! I want to make more of an effort with the way I look because I feel 10 times more confident and look more mature as I have a baby-ish face!

WhooooAmI24601 Thu 11-Jan-18 10:12:46

Two years ago I had hair down to my bra strap and cut it all off into a bob. Loved it when the hairdresser had done it and it looked swingy and shiny but great god, it was like waking up with Sideshow Bob on my head every single morning and the maintenance was far, far higher than I'd thought it'd be.

Now it's long again and I can wake up, squirt some dry shampoo on if needed, brush it through and it's grand. I'm certain shorter hair is more time-consuming than long.

RavingRoo Thu 11-Jan-18 10:14:39

It depends on how your hair dries. Fine straight hair is probably going to look ok. My Arab afro on the other hand makes me look like a troll doll if I have hair shorter than lower back level.

KenForPM Fri 12-Jan-18 21:11:11

I used to have long hair. It’s thick and sort-of curly and was a mega PITA to deal with. I got it cut to a bob seven years ago and it is much easier to deal with!!
I suppose it really depends on your hair. Some people will find short hair ok, some will find it hard-going.

YouWereRight Fri 12-Jan-18 21:14:49

Its ok on good hair days, but on a day with shit hair you can't shove it in a top knot.

dontquotemeondailymail Fri 12-Jan-18 21:16:33

I've got quite fine hair and having it short was a huge hassle! I must sleep funny because every single morning I'd wake up looking like worzel gummidge! So every morning I'd have to do something to it, which most of the time meant washing it again just to tame it.
Now it's longer and I can get away with pulling it back into a clip if I need to be up & out quickly.

User5trillion Fri 12-Jan-18 21:21:16

I have short hair and it does need doing every day esp as I need lots of product to make any style stay in my very fine hair. However I love it and its quite quick to do, whereas when my hair was longer I just used to sling it up in a bun. I end up looking more groomed with shorter hair.

MistyMinge Fri 12-Jan-18 21:27:24

I've had my hair cut into a bob several times. I always find it higher maintenance. Looks nice when styled but shit when not. I miss being able to put it in a messy bun. In the process of growing it out again. I had visions of having Jenna coleman style messy, wavy lob. In reality with two small children, I just don't have the time it takes to actually make it look effortlessly 'just got out of bed like this' styled.

SpoonfulOfJam Fri 12-Jan-18 21:31:20

Ooh. This thread is interesting. I'm considering getting my long thick hair cut into an inverted bob. As long as possible at the front, short as possible at the back. So sick of how long it takes to dry.

My hair is heavy and fairly straight. I reckon it could be low-ish maintenance.

WorkingMumOnTheGo Fri 12-Jan-18 21:47:34

Thank you everyone! Well I took the plunge and got it done and I LOVE it! i hope the maintenance isn't as bad... my hair does stay fairly straight to fingers crossed morning times it doesn't look like I've been dragged through a bush haha!

BobbinThreadbare123 Fri 12-Jan-18 22:56:33

I had very long, thick, curly hair and it was a pain all round. I chopped it very short so now no curls to deal with, no length, no full day to dry, no tangles. Much better. I couldn't care less if anyone thinks it's unfeminine.

Iwanttobe8stoneagain Sat 13-Jan-18 07:07:22

I have v thick porous hair so takes ages to dry after several different hair styles from very short to very long and all in between I find hair just below my shoulder the most maintenance free. Useahair wrap when out the shower get ready then dry, can’t believe how much the wrap dries it. Any shorter and takes hours to tame it, can’t just shove up in along tail when I over sleep. But suspect thin hair is much easier shorter than thick

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