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Post partum hairstyles

(5 Posts)
MedicineHat Tue 09-Jan-18 19:37:50

Just looking for some advice please. I have a 3 month old baby and my hair has just reached that falling out stageconfused My hair is fine in texture, but I have a lot of it so it looks really thick from a distance. I've got it at about shoulder length right now and not really in much of a style. I'm desperate to get it cut and have fancied a French style bob for a while - fringe, about jaw length.

Can I do this when it's falling out? Or should I wait until I stop shedding? Also, am I going to totally hate looking after a fringe with a baby & a 3 year old?

Thank you!

MedicineHat Thu 11-Jan-18 20:18:52

Any ideas anyone?!!

Figrollsnotfatrolls Thu 11-Jan-18 20:21:12

How about keep the length for an easy ponytail and get a fringe that you can wash on its own whenever you need it!!? Lots of people just wash their fringe and dry it!!

Callamia Thu 11-Jan-18 20:23:55

I did exactly that cut at 4m. It’s fine, although it’s grown in length really quickly already, so I feel like getting it cut again.

RooKangaroo Sat 13-Jan-18 20:09:31

I think you should wait until the falling out bit has stopped.

I found the falling it stage very stressful - partly because I didn't like to lose so much hair and I could see my hairline receding, but also because I didn't dare have wet hair around my baby. Bits were falling out all over the place and I was terrified about her grabbing some and eating it/wrapping it round her fingers or toes/ etc.

Looking back at photos of me then, I can still tell my hairline is further back than it used to be, but it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was at the time.

Given that stress (for me), it was worth waiting until it was all back to normal, and then assessing to decide on a cut right for me. I've now gone a fair bit shorter (shoulder length) and darker blond highlights that I used to have.

Can't comment on a fringe, I'm afraid! Haven't had one of those since I was a young child!

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