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Deep, staying, forehead wrinkles

(79 Posts)
babigailwabble Mon 08-Jan-18 11:49:18

I have the most awful forehead lines. They are making me look old and haggard. I am 31!

So I'm organising consultations with a couple of dermatologists and investigating options. Has anyone successfully treated anything like this? Please tell me everything. I'll try anything be it a product, a treatment or some crystals and chanting. I'll post a pic below sad

babigailwabble Mon 08-Jan-18 11:53:26

sad I'm also getting jowly sad

babigailwabble Mon 08-Jan-18 12:13:07

I'm going to the hairdresser's on Thursday so I need to feel like I've found a cure before then because otherwise I'm going to get A FRINGE 😱

TheBakeryQueen Mon 08-Jan-18 12:14:57


babigailwabble Mon 08-Jan-18 12:15:53

Please tell me all about your Botox @TheBakeryQueen 🙏🏽😀

ItsAHardKn0ckLife1 Mon 08-Jan-18 12:23:15

Watching with interest as I’m only 30 and mine are far worse! Toying with the idea of Botox.

BuzzKillington Mon 08-Jan-18 12:26:19

Botox! Go to someone on recommendation.

It will eliminate all of those lines. If done well, it's the best thing ever. Plus, the muscles will forget to move in the way that gives you wrinkles. Even when mine wears off, I never go back to the forehead lines I had in my 30s.

I have it one every 9 months or so. £250 for 3 areas.

Aridane Mon 08-Jan-18 12:27:14

I can't see the photo - but another one recommending botox

RavingRoo Mon 08-Jan-18 12:29:17

Are you drinking enough water? Have you recently lost a lot of weight? To be honest at your age I’d try diet and skincare rather than go straight to Botox

SciFiFan2015 Mon 08-Jan-18 12:44:08

Botox for these? Turned 40 in last few months. Don't wear make up, don't moisturise, don't smoke or drink much alcohol.

TheBakeryQueen Mon 08-Jan-18 13:23:22

Well I've been having Botox on and off since I was 29, just when I could afford it really and mainly for a really horrible frown line that made me look grumpy 😄

It's brilliant for lines such as yours but you do need to go somewhere reputable. I go to a dentist who specialises in facial rejuvenation in Bromsgrove and have always been happy with the results.

It doesn't last long though and it is pricey at £250 for 3 areas (forehead lines, frown line and crow's feet). It only lasts about 4 months and I only have it once a year or so, I don't want to overdo it.

TheBakeryQueen Mon 08-Jan-18 14:15:44

My brow after having had it done on Thursday last week.
You can still see the frown line faintly, it never quite gets rid of that one as it was deeper than the others but it softens it to the point where it doesn't bother me.

TheBakeryQueen Mon 08-Jan-18 14:16:07

I'm 37 in April.

user187656748 Mon 08-Jan-18 14:17:47

Botox. I have the exact same lines as you OP. I've had botox for the past six years. I have it every 6 months. It will make them go (or dramatically reduce them). Yours too scifi

Sarahh2014 Mon 08-Jan-18 14:21:13

Botox! I have it every 6 months and your lines totally 37

statetrooperstacey Mon 08-Jan-18 14:29:06

Botox. I'm 43. I can still move my eyebrows As well !
I looked like Gordon Ramsey before, hVe had it done bout 4/5 times in 8 yrs. not completely smooth and glassy but just. Couple of very faint lines not deep grooves tho as before
Also get frown lines done.
I go to a teaching place e ns get it done by students, 3 areas £99. Very happysmile

Aridane Mon 08-Jan-18 14:31:30

I'm due to go on Wednesday plus fillers for the lines that go from your nose to mouth and beyond. End result is I look less tired (botox) and less grumpy (fillers). Mildy put out though that the doctor I usually go to has left and I will be treated by a nurse instead

user187656748 Mon 08-Jan-18 14:37:55

You can always ask for baby botox and see how you like it before upping the number of areas treated.

SciFiFan2015 Mon 08-Jan-18 15:21:59

I'm so tempted... so tempted! How do you find a good practitioner? My dentist offers that a good place to start??

babigailwabble Mon 08-Jan-18 15:25:28

what @SciFiFan2015 said!! i don't know anyone who has botox (and I'm p. confident about that). i've found a couple of dermatologists who work out of private hospitals... is that overkill? should it be a Dr not an aesthetician? INJECT MOI

DarthNigel Mon 08-Jan-18 16:11:04

Botox definitely-it'll
Sort that out no bother...

DarthNigel Mon 08-Jan-18 16:12:13

Aridane-do the fillers hurt? I have a really deep line from my nose down my chin that looks awful-been wondering re they feel natural?

user187656748 Mon 08-Jan-18 17:28:08

I can recommend someone in the midlands if that is any good. But yes dentists work with needles and so if they are offering it there is a pretty good chance they'll be decent.

You must know someone who is late 30s early 40s though (typical time to start) for a recommendation.

DecoysBitch Mon 08-Jan-18 17:37:40

Chiming in with the rest to say Botox is the only thing that stopped forehead lines emerging for me. Not just stopped them but gave me a fresher look entirely.

I know a brilliant practitioner in greater Manchester if that's anywhere near you - same as others have said £250 for 3 areas.

lovemylover Mon 08-Jan-18 17:40:15

DarthNigel i had fillers a couple of weeks ago, the nurse i went to used a very strong anaesthetic cream, and i hardly felt a thingsome fillers also have it in it too

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