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Hair dryer or one of these . . . ?

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Archduke Sat 06-Jan-18 06:49:30

My hair dryer is slowly dying - it currently works for about 1 minute before sighing heavily and turning itself off.

So . . . I need to replace it but thought maybe one of these Brushes ink{\]]l} might be a better idea?

My hair is a chin length bob, it's naturally grey and frizzy AF (noice) but I blow dry and iron the bejeezus out of it. This seems to be leading to my hair breaking after about 3 inches of growth, I am on a plan to try to get some condition back into it - rubbing in Olaplex after each shampoo as directed by my hairdresser - and using better quality shampoo and conditioners and I try to let my hair dry naturally before I iron the living daylights out of it. So should I replace my hairdryer with another hairdryer (and if so any advice on that?) or ditch the dryer and use a straightening brush?

Any thoughts?

And any wisdom on how to stop my poor hair from breaking off? Am happy to throw money at the issue.

Archduke Sat 06-Jan-18 06:50:59

Sorry I stuffed up the link - try here

ZaraW Sat 06-Jan-18 06:55:50

I have the Glamoriser brush which is similar it works really well though I have to use the highest setting at 210 to get rid of the frizz. I couldn't see how hot your brush gets.

Archduke Sat 06-Jan-18 07:05:18

Zara does your Glamoriser brush mean that you no longer use a hairdryer at all?

SophoclesTheFox Sat 06-Jan-18 07:50:08

Sorry, placemarking on your thread as I have been wondering the same thing recently, so interested in the answers.

I just can't be arsed with blow drying and straightening, so wondering if this is less effort.

ZaraW Sat 06-Jan-18 08:49:11

I rough dry with a hairdryer and then once completely dry use the brush. My hair is really curly and frizzy but it gets my hair straight. Much easier than using straighteners. I got mine for £50 in the sales.

ZaraW Sat 06-Jan-18 08:53:38

This is the one I have

Whereland Sat 06-Jan-18 08:57:21

I've tried several of these kind of tools and just don't find them any good. Nothing beats the blowdry. Can you leave off the ironing and just blowdry? I find taking a bit more time and effort on the blowdry negates the need for straightening.
Do you have decent brushes? I use a turbo stratos hairdryer and head huggers brushes. Also, let your hair dry naturally til it's about 70/80% dry then start the blowdry

Archduke Sat 06-Jan-18 09:57:51

I'm so shit at blowdrying though Whereland. I've spent years trying to do a hairdresser blowdry but am utterly useless. Are good brushes really the answer?

Will look at head huggers and a turbo stratos - but in Oz so not sure what's available here. Thanks for the info.

Whereland Sat 06-Jan-18 10:12:32

I think good brushes do make a difference, the head huggers really grab and hold the hair for you so take some of the effort out of it. They're cheap enough too. Good luck!

Archduke Sat 13-Jan-18 06:57:11

Well, I bought one - and to be honest it's a bit meh.

The prongy bits are quite thick and a bit weird to use, It does straighten my hair but doesn't get rid of it's wiry nature unlike the straightners.

Maybe I should use the hot brush thingo as a first pass then attack it with a light iron . . .

Jeezus - hair - just behave ffs.

Iwanttobe8stoneagain Sat 13-Jan-18 07:28:56

Can you use a hair wrap and leave on for 30 min to soak a lot of the wetness out the hair. That way you don’t need to dry from the get go. Try drying very small sections off (half of what you think, then straighten with one low setting run over with straightener. I use list Cream and miracle oil then move onto the very

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