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When does same start at Zara?

(6 Posts)
Landofqueens Mon 18-Dec-17 09:41:08

I'm hoping somebody may know when the Zara sale starts? I have my eye on some things but don't particularly need them for Christmas Day, any ideas? And do they reduce most or all things? Thanks!

botemp Mon 18-Dec-17 10:14:45

Last year was boxing day or the next. They only put in the 'older' stuff into the sale, so if it's recently been added it's less likely but may end up being reduced by the end of the sale.

Landofqueens Mon 18-Dec-17 10:23:22

Ok, thanks botemp!

cessie322 Mon 18-Dec-17 10:29:34

I find the initial reductions aren't great, it would be 2/3 weeks before there are significant savings.

botemp Mon 18-Dec-17 10:56:30

I agree, Zara has a weird markdown policy. I think it's down to the fact that countries like Spain, France, and Italy have set sales dates so other countries get more of a presale version before early Jan when the rest of Europe joins in and you get the heftier markdowns. They also don't do % but rather group categories to set prices. So, for example, all coats in the price range of 130-150 get marked down to 120 in the first round and then to a 100 or 80 in the other two rounds. Depending on where the original price is within that subset category determines if you have a genuine saving or not. When things finally get priced down to actual savings it's also usually manhandled to death.

AnaWinter Mon 18-Dec-17 11:00:47

In my local store they started reducing the prices after 12 on Christmas Eve.

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