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Kirstie Allsopp’s dresses

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ThanksAnts Sat 16-Dec-17 23:23:54

I’m in love with Kirstie Allsopp’s dresses on homemade Christmas! Lots bright patterns and a-line skirts.
Any idea where I can find similar but preferably without a mental pricetag?


Koala2018 Sun 17-Dec-17 04:30:35

Yes she does have great style doesn't she. Cath Kidston's sale dresses are around 40-60 and they're very similar

Chocolateteabag Sun 17-Dec-17 08:53:20

She has said in the past a lot of her dresses are from Tucker - which are £££

I think you could be lucky with Boden like this Maria dress which is sleeveless but you could put an M&S heat gen body underneath (thin but warm and yes a body so you get a smooth line)

this Boden midi dress is still £££ and has no reviews - but maybe worth stalking to see if it get reduced further?

Chocolateteabag Sun 17-Dec-17 08:56:13

sorry another Boden one also in the sale but still £125

newsfromnowhere Sun 17-Dec-17 21:56:23

Kirstie Allsopp also wears lots of dresses by US designer Samantha Sung. In UK you can buy them here: Not cheap either though - sorry.

newsfromnowhere Sun 17-Dec-17 22:03:18

Orla Kiely also good but expensive. The high street needs to copy them take note!

NewPantsforaNewYear Mon 18-Dec-17 00:22:48

I love this Tucker dress but, as a pp said, they are expensive.
It shouldn't be that hard to find a dress with a waist, sleeves, decent length, flattering neckline, interesting print. I’d wear it all the time if I found an affordable one.

Gillybobs Mon 18-Dec-17 08:55:18

Try fat face and white stuff as well as boden

Smellylittleorange Mon 18-Dec-17 09:00:38

Try lindybop / collectif etc for the shirt waister style dresses ..some of the patterns are very retro but you can pick up great bargains. Also did read once that she likes GOAT. I have not watched her xmas programmes yet ...still annoyed with her over bbcqt!

Almostthere15 Mon 18-Dec-17 14:27:42

Try sea salt. I have a couple of dresses with sleeves, and a nice waist. They don't tend to flare out as much as many she wears but they hang really well and are almost indestructable. A couple I have are fine cord so nice for autumn/winter.

fruitlovingmonkey Mon 18-Dec-17 15:21:01

I saw her wearing a Stella McCartney print in one episode. I have the same dress and I was impressed that she had styled it for winter.
She might buy pricey dresses, but she knows how to get value out of them.

Chocolateteabag Mon 18-Dec-17 21:35:51

I've read that she only ever wears dresses - in which case I guess spending a bit more on them makes sense?

ginorwine Tue 19-Dec-17 14:35:45

Sea salt do summer shirt dresses which are fab and very like that style
In summer boden do a three quarter sleeve shirt dress
At the moment people tree have one with apples on which is v v similar to orla Keiley designs
And I can imagine Kirsty in it ! It's about £80
There is also the most fantastic v and a seedhead coat dress but it is sold out in some sizes ( mine !)
Google 40 s dresses also ?

stilltheykeepcoming Tue 19-Dec-17 14:54:49

You mean... surely you don't mean.... that Kirsty doesn't make her own dresses? shock

<picks self up from floor>

laramara Thu 21-Dec-17 18:13:18

I would imagine she uses the services of a very high end dressmaker to make her dresses.

LucyLogan Thu 21-Dec-17 23:05:33

What about , I think their dresses are along similar lines.

LucyLogan Thu 21-Dec-17 23:09:39

Although, sorry I hadn't looked at the prices of those dresses . Erm, maybe there will be a sale?

PinkAvocado Thu 21-Dec-17 23:12:30

Hadn’t ever heard of Palava but I am glad you linked to them! Gorgeous dresses without being too vintage in style.

pandarific Thu 21-Dec-17 23:23:57

I recently discovered - they do some lovely printed dresses, very cool.

tulipz Fri 22-Dec-17 08:50:18

Brandalley, cocosa and places like that have had orla kiely clothes in their sales

MaybeDoctor Fri 22-Dec-17 09:02:13

Some of those Palava dresses are gorgeous - but they are quite Christmas-themed aren't they? The prices are high but there is a small Outlet section.

Reminds me a bit of People Tree too, although having checked their website PeopleTree seem to have become a bit more skimpy- A-line rather than fuller skirts...

LucyLogan Fri 22-Dec-17 13:38:01

I'm in love with the Palava dresses too, they used to be Poppy and then Bryonyandco, they've basically had a nightmare with other businesses challenging them over their name. That is why they are called Palava. grin I always kid myself that I'm between sizes so it's not worth investing at this stage but the reality is I've been this size for 3 yrs. hmm

Emily and Fin have a couple that might fit the bill, again quite pricey. I just got some of their Summer line dresses for around £17/20 from BrandAlley though!

Djangor Fri 22-Dec-17 18:46:57

Pavlova dresses look great but the measurements suggest they are best suited for apple shapes - size 6 in the dress I looked at has a waist of 30inches. Shame as I like shirt dresses

ThanksAnts Sat 23-Dec-17 02:55:04

Thanks for all the advice ladies. I have massive boobs (HH) so feel me and her shirt dresses are maybe not meant to be! One can but dream!

Paintbox Sat 23-Dec-17 07:31:52

I dunno op, Kirsty looks like she’s got pretty big boobs to me, it might work on you?

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