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What on Earth can a post menopausal (dumpy) woman wear?

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SukiTheDog Thu 14-Dec-17 21:45:49

I’m 55. Post menopausal. My face is fine most days body’s just had it.

I walk a lot (have a large dog so, walk up to 2 hours daily, seven days a week). After a lifetime of losing a stone/gaining a stone/ losing a stone etc etc, I flatly refuse to “diet” but I’m aware of looking a mess in clothes and worse, naked. I feel too young to just give up but, the “middle aged spread” for me, is a reality. I feel un-sexy. I’m embarrassed to undress infront of DH. He hasn’t seen me unclothed, unless I’m in my knickers for ten months 😐. I feel like “it’s” all over.

I live in leggings, long jumpers and wellies though do scrub up fairly well at the weekends.

What can I wear? I feel fat in jeans and have taken to looking pretty frumpy most of the time. Is this how it’s meant to be? I feel comfortable in my dog-walking-wellies-waterproofs-Puffa gear but I’d avoid going out rather than have to get done up.

Am I odd? Should I settle for comfortable shoes and Edinburgh Wollen Mill?

ilovecherries Thu 14-Dec-17 22:11:39

Well, there's no rule that you HAVE to 'make an effort'. If you are happy then embrace it. But if you want to try different things, I like hush, poetry, and wrap for comfy, easy fitting clothes that still have a touch of elegance about them. I tend to avoid places like fatface, joules, white company etc because they are generally a bit over patterned and 'jolly' for me. I get the odd thing from Boden. I always wear flat shoes because of lower limb surgery. I'm a bit older then you, and have recently lost 4 stone, so I'm finding a new interest in clothes. smile

SukiTheDog Thu 14-Dec-17 22:57:03

ILoveCherries that’s an incredible weight loss! No wonder you’re enjoying your clothes. For me, I always had a Ok figure. Curvy but comfortably so. Now, nothing fits, everything’s tight. Go on a diet, I guess but ohhhh! It’s SO dreary.

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