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Rolex or other luxury watch?

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Mindgone Thu 14-Dec-17 00:22:54

I am in the very fortunate position that DH would like to buy me a posh watch for my milestone birthday. He wants to buy me a Rolex, but I'm now wondering about other posh watches, e.g. Cartier. Any recommendations please?

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 14-Dec-17 01:08:10

I'd go for what you like the look of primarily. There's no point in a 'naice' watch if you don't actually like the face.

Rolex notoriously poor time keepers. Love a vintage rolex but the glass is hard to replace.

Cartier is a bit too 'real housewives' for me. If you like ugg boots and mulberry bags then it'll fit your aesthetic. Certain models of Tag are a bit ubiquitous that way as well.

I like a Longines. They're pretty timeless. Omega are also nice and don't point to a particular demographic.

My absolute favourite beyond all others is Shinola, although I'd stick to mens.

BubblesBuddy Thu 14-Dec-17 01:28:16

Rolex watches are automatic (not a battery in sight) and as such are proper timepieces. I have had one for 17 years after a milestone anniversary. I don’t think I you can beat them as they are classic and don’t date. It will last a lifetime. Mine is an Oyster Date-just and I wear it most days.

We are keen on watches in this house and I also have a Cartier and a Jaeger le Coultre Reverso. Both are great watches and if you are not aware of Jaeger le Coultre just google them. I love mine! I also have an Omega (it’s discontinued) but they are very good watches too. If you have a lot of money to spend, a Patek Phillipe is top of the tree!

Athrawes Thu 14-Dec-17 02:32:47

I have an Omega Constellation. It is very unflashy. Something to think about would be the size of the face/bracelet - I have quite small wrists and hands and so a small watch suits me better than a big one. I wear my Omega daily and have inadvertently put it through the wash 4 times in 12 years (!!!); it has survived without the slightest flutter of damage, which I believe speaks volumes as to it's quality and robustness.

MuthaFish Thu 14-Dec-17 02:38:20

I agree, Rolex are just beautiful. Patek Philippe also worth a look.

Want2bSupermum Thu 14-Dec-17 02:43:37

I have a Rolex. Ive had numerous issues with it keeping the time. I've had it off to Switzerland three times. Finally a Russian man working in a shop by the entrance to the subway station close to my office here in Manhattan fixed it for $50.

If you are going with Rolex I'd suggest used from 1985-2000. The prices are very reasonable and parts still very replaceable if necessary.

WatchTheFoxes Thu 14-Dec-17 03:52:22

Rolex are great, so are Cartier. Chopard happy watches are also lovely with the floating diamonds.

DeltaG Thu 14-Dec-17 04:45:54

Patek Philippe if funds can stretch?

Several work colleagues have Omegas and complain about their timekeeping.

I like Longines for women, some nice designs. Also Vacheron Constantin.

I live in the watch capital of the world and am bombarded by their billboards everywhere!

LazySusan11 Thu 14-Dec-17 11:48:54

I loved my Datejust until it cost me £450 to have it serviced. Bloody cheek!

mowglik Thu 14-Dec-17 12:01:06

Longines for a classic restrained design - can be worn casually or for more formal occasions
Breitling as an alternative to Rolex which are just a little bit ubiquitous
Patek Phillipe if you can spend a bit more or Piaget which is more jewellery than watch but they have some gorgeous diamond ranges

mowglik Thu 14-Dec-17 12:04:00

But yes a big downside to owning a luxury watch is the crazy cost of having it serviced, most of my watches are out of use atm for the last year or longer as they have stopped and can’t be arsed to get them serviced. If this would bother you look at jewellery instead grin

DeltaG Thu 14-Dec-17 12:15:28

Very good point about servicing. I'm mostly wearing my apple watch these days with a cheapo sparkly bracelet!

WhooooAmI24601 Thu 14-Dec-17 12:20:10

I love my Cartier Tank. I've had it since I was 21 (my Dad says every 21 year old should have one incredible watch on their birthday - my brother pawned his while he was at Uni and broke my Dad's heart a little).

The service cost isn't too terrible and it still looks incredible. I only use it on nights out as I teach so wear an Apple watch to school, but it's the kind of watch to last a lifetime and pass on to the DC when they're older, which I love.

queenofarles Thu 14-Dec-17 12:38:27

I have Patek philippe and Rolex, I find that I prefer patek watches more, very understated and refind , you can't find a superior watch than Patek in my opinion,

LadyFairfaxSake Thu 14-Dec-17 13:34:09

I have & love Omega, when my ship comes in I'm going to get an IWC. Look at the diameter of the dial on your wrist & choose a face you love, you're going to be looking at it for a long time.

DontDrinkDontSmoke Thu 14-Dec-17 13:35:46

My dream watch is the Omega Ladymaster. DH nearly bought me one in a weak moment but I stopped him (fool).

DontDrinkDontSmoke Thu 14-Dec-17 13:38:20


DH has a seamaster, I was getting confused (not difficult)

artisancraftbeer Thu 14-Dec-17 13:39:51

Are you sure you wouldn't prefer a nice bench op? wink

elfofftheshelf Thu 14-Dec-17 14:10:24

I have a Rolex Date Just. I also have a Phillip Wiel, a Tiffany and an Hermes watch. I have to say, even though the Rolex was by far the most expensive, as others have said, it has no battery so you make a saving there in the long term (the Weil costs £150 for a battery that really only lasts 12/18 months), Tiffany watch has a leather strap (£300+ if you want an alligator replacement) ...the Rolex is my go to day to day watch and I love it!

chloechloe Thu 14-Dec-17 14:19:20

I'm following this with interest as I'd promised myself a beautiful watch after landing a certain job, then a promotion and never got round to it. Plus DH has just treated himself to a Breitling so I want to join the club!

Personally I wouldn't go for Cartier as they are not historically watchmakers, though they now make excellent ones.

What's this nonsense about a bench artisan, is it not a holiday first and then the bench, with any leftovers on a Track bag for life to cart your stuff round in?

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 14-Dec-17 14:25:57

elf- the nonsense with £150 a battery for a weil is a ripoff.
I have a good watchmaker and he does mine for £15. Definitely shop around.

pascalpascal Thu 14-Dec-17 14:36:09

Always a Rolex. Then, when you have one, for your next nice watch you can look at other makes. Then get another Rolex.

Ididnthearanything Thu 14-Dec-17 14:40:29

Was just coming on to mention the servicing on some watches. I have a longines. I love it but i wish i had bought a battery one. It has to be serviced regularly which takes weeks. Patek are much more costly to service.

I think artisan is cracking a joke from an old designer handbag thread. The OP was looking for advice on a designer bag and as always sometimes happens, it became a bunfight polite discussion on the morals of spending your own money on yourself. And that line was thrown out. I love that line.

Ididnthearanything Thu 14-Dec-17 14:41:47

And now I see chloechloe I missed your joke. Ffs. I'm quick on the uptake today hmm

chloechloe Thu 14-Dec-17 14:43:55

"Tesco" bag for life that should have be!

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